Maracaibo Oiling – Beware

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Jun 102010

In the last days a significant oil slick at the Maracaibo Lake, the world’s largest sea-connected lake, has been reported, say a P&I Club circular, causing alarm. It has seriously affected fishing and birds and due to currents is moving from south to north.

“Nevertheless, it was not until Friday 4th June 2010 when the Venezuela’s state-run oil company PDVSA, Western Division, issued a
formal statement informing “that there have not been alterations on its operations that might had caused the recent outflow of hydrocarbon fluids in the Maracaibo Lake, western state of Zulia”, says the circular.

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Success Gets Sentenced For MARPOL Violation

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Jun 092010

image WASHINGTON—Cooperative Success Maritime S.A., the operator of the M/T Chem Faros, a 21,145 gross-ton ocean-going cargo ship that regularly transported cargo between foreign ports and the United States, pleaded guilty and was sentenced today in federal court for violating the Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships (APPS), and to making material false statements, the Justice Department announced.

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Kiwis Head For Gulf Spill

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Jun 042010

image Two technical experts from Maritime New Zealand, MNZ, have flown to the United States at the invitation of one of the oil spill response companies assisting with the clean-up of the Gulf of Mexico spill.

An oil spill equipment technician and a response planning officer from MNZ’s Marine Pollution Response Service, MPRS, have been seconded to support the Deepwater Horizon spill response.

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May 312010

image North P&I club has launched a poster campaign to help its 375 member groups comply with the ever-changing requirements of the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships MARPOL.

Tony Baker, the club’s head of loss-prevention, says: “The International Maritime Organization’s marine environment protection committee continues to amend and extend the scope of MARPOL and the consequences of non-compliance are becoming increasingly severe.

“It is thus vital that shipowners and their crews are continually reminded of the importance of adhering to the regulations and avoiding all forms of environmental pollution risk”.

The first of North’s new series of Clean Seas posters, which has just been published, relates to MARPOL annex I – regulations for the prevention of pollution by oil – and highlights the procedures which should be followed during bunkering.

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Look Again At The Well From Hell

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May 242010

Discoverer Explorer Flares off gas from the GoM leak.

With self-serving political posturing leaking in the Gulf of Mexico at several million barrels per press release it is easy to overlook some of the small quiet, reasonable voices. Among those MAC would note in particular OPED: A Second, Slower Look at the Well from Hell by Jeff Mudgett of Maritime Executive. It’s a well-thought through read on the situation and some inescapable conclusions for the long-tern future of the spill.

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Chief Engineer “Not Guilty” of Magic Pipe

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Apr 292010

image A jury in Houston federal court has cleared Greek maritime officer Ioannis Mylonakis of charges that he engineered the dumping of oil tanker waste off of the Texas coast in early 2009, says the Berg & Androphy law firm.

The jury rejected claims by US Department of Justice Environmental Crimes Section that Mr. Mylonakis, as chief engineer of the 40,000-tonne M/T Georgios M, ordered his crew to use a so-called “magic pipe” to bypass pollution control equipment and discharge sludge and oily waste into the seas near Houston and Corpus Christi, Texas.

Mr. Mylonakis is represented by lead attorneys Joel Androphy and Kathryn Nelson, of Berg & Androphy, of Houston, and assisted by George M. Chalos and George A. Gaitas, of the Chalos & Co., PC, of New York.

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Shen Neng 1: Fatigue, Inexperience, Wrong Chart

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Apr 142010

“A succession of errors grounded the Shen Neng 1”

In essence, a simple succession of errors on the part of a very tired crew member resulted in the grounding of Shen Neng 1 on Douglas Shoal, part of the Great Barrier Reef about 50 miles north of the entrance to the port of Gladstone, Queensland.

on 3 April 2010 says Australia’s Transport Safety Bureau. ATSB warns that the report, released on 15 April 2010 is only preliminary and further investigations leading to the final report may differ.

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Maritime Safety & Security News – 31 August 2009

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Aug 302009

Boat sinks in Indonesia, ’19 dead, 20 missing’
JAKARTA — An “overloaded” cargo vessel sank on a river on Borneo island on Sunday, killing 19 people with 20 still missing, an official said.

Oil tanker fire in Brisbane
About 12.30am, the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service was called to the Australian-registered ship Palmerston’ when the fire broke out.

Sinking ship triggers alert
Ipswich Evening Star – Ipswich,England,UK
A MAJOR collision between two ships in Dutch waters has been the focusing the attention of coastguards in East Anglia today.

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Two Chief Engineers Indicted for Environmental Crimes

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Aug 242009

WASHINGTON — A federal grand jury in Houston has returned an indictment charging two crewmembers of the oil tanker Georgios M with making false statements, violating federal law designed to prevent pollution from ships and obstruction of justice, the Justice Department announced.

According to the indictment, Ioannis Mylonakis and Argyrios Argyropoulos, served as Chief Engineers aboard the oil tanker Georgios M and each have been charged with violating the Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships (APPS), making material false statements to the U.S. Coast Guard and obstruction of justice.

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