Offshore Helicopter Accidents: UK Legislators Call For Public Inquiry As Offshore Workers Bullied Into Silence

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Jul 142014

helicopterAfter studying five helicopter accidents in the North Sea over four years the UK Parliament’s Transport Committee has called for a full pubic enquiry into whether commercial pressures are putting offshore workers at risk. It also criticised ‘regulatory inertia’ on the part of the European Aviation Safety Agency. EASA.

Says the Transport committee: “A full, independent, public inquiry must be convened to address whether commercial pressure from oil and gas companies affects the safety of offshore helicopter operations. This inquiry must also examine the role of the Civil Aviation Authority”.

On 23 August 2013, a helicopter crashed into the sea while on approach to Sumburgh Airport on Shetland. Four passengers were killed. This crash prompted the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) to undertake a wide-ranging review into offshore helicopter safety which reported in February. Continue reading »

ERRV Contact: Master Unaware of Autopilot

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Jul 112011

Following a man-overboard exercise during which an ERRV has drifted farther than expected from an offshore facility the master, apparently ‘subconsciously’, set the vessel on autopilot. Tidal set put the vessel on collision course with the facility but the master, unaware that the vessel was on autopilot, was unable to regain steering and a contact incident resulted.

Says  Marine Safety Forum, MSF, has issued a report into the accident says: “Recently an ERRV made contact with a fixed installation causing some damage to the vessel and minor damage to the installation. Continue reading »

Only Chance Prevented North Sea Blowout Amid 2009 Spill Worries

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Nov 242010

gullfaks C

Only chance averted a sub-surface blowout or explosion, and prevented an incident from developing into a major accident says Norway’s Petroleum Safety Authority. The comment, following an audit of a loss-of-control incident in May, 2010, comes at a time of increasing concern over hydrocarbon leaks and well control incidents during 2009.

The PSA calls the incident, which involved the lengthy loss of a barrier  at Statoil’s Gullfaks C platform, “very serious” and says planning for the drilling and completion operation on well C-06A featured serious and general deficiencies.

Earlier in November the authority presented a report showing that both acute crude oil spills from petroleum operations on the Norwegian continental shelf and near misses for such incidents have fallen sharply since 2001.

But the RNNP report from the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) on acute discharges in 2001-2009 expresses concern at the rise in hydrocarbon leaks and well control incidents during 2009.

The results of the study, which builds on the PSA’s on-going survey of trends in risk level in Norway’s petroleum activity (RNNP), were presented to the Safety Forum on 18 November.

Coinciding with the PSA report the Australian government has released its investigation into the PTTEP Montara disaster in August last year.

Says Matin Ferguson, minister for resources and energy: “The fact is that we were lucky with Montara – no lives were lost, there were no serious injuries and the quick, coordinated response from governments, regulators and industry meant that the impact on the marine environment was minimal… Montara was the first major loss of well control in 25 years of safe offshore petroleum operations”.

The Montara report contains 100 findings and 105 recommendations, which have implications for governments, regulators, and the offshore petroleum industry. The Australian government proposes accepting 92, noting 10, and not accepting three of the Report’s recommendations.

Sep 272007

3 Crew Dead After North Sea Accident

Posted 09/25/07 at 12:21 PM

Three crewmembers died after an accident aboard a rescue vessel on the North Sea, the boat’s owners said Sunday. The accident is under investigation by Britain’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch. The men, two Britons and a Pole, were working aboard the Viking Islay when the accident occurred, Vroon Offshore Services Ltd

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