Oct 262009

image MAC has been provided with a report concerning the death of a Barge Master who fell down a 40 metre lift (US: Elevator) shaft on the Transocean-owned semi-submersible drilling rig Sedco 700 off the coast of Nigeria while inducting a new Ballast Control Operator, BCO.

Among other things, the incident emphasises the need to ensure that potential hazards are noted, reported and mitigated at the earliest possible opportunity and that laid-down procedures should be followed.

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Weekly Piracy Report

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Sep 252007

The International Maritime Bureau has issued the following weekly report

Recently reported incidents

14.09.2007: 0330 UTC: 06:18N – 003:22E, Lagos anchorage, Nigeria.
Deck crew onboard a tanker carrying out STS operations noticed two small boats in the vicinity. Suddenly one of the boats with three persons on board approached the ship. The OOW was informed, alarm raised and crew mustered. Robbers noticed the alert crew and aborted the attempt.
14.09.2007: 0216 LT: 0616.5N – 003:21.3E, Lagos anchorage, Nigeria.
The deck watchman on an anchored tanker noticed a fast boat, with 3-4 robbers, approaching from astern.  One robber was seen holding a pole with a hook attached to it. The OOW was informed, alarm raised, crew mustered and port control informed. On hearing the alarm, the robbers aborted the attempt.
23.09.2007: Kutubdia anchorage, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Whilst carrying out anti piracy rounds, on a bulk carrier at anchor, ship’s crew found forecastle store, door, lock broken and ships stores missing. Even though there were a number of shore personal working onboard the robbers went unnoticed.
22.09.2007: 1950 LT: off Palembang, Indonesia.
Several pirates hijacked a tanker, enroute to Cilacap from Palembang, with a cargo of Palm Olien. The master reported to TG. Buyut pilot station and they informed the tanker’s managers. IMB piracy reporting centre has alerted the authorities to look out for the tanker.
20.09.2007:  1715 LT: 110 NM West of Berbera, Somalia.
Pirates hijacked a fishing vessel and anchored it near the village of Raas Shula
All crew including the four Somali security guards have been taken out from the ship.
19.09.2007 : 0430 UTC: 01:33.6N – 051:41.5E: Somalia.
A blue-hulled suspicious vessel with white superstructure with two masts was drifting at a distance of 11.5nm from a bulk carrier.  Ship altered course to stay away from suspicious vessel. The suspicious vessel altered course, and speed a number of times. The bulk carrier continued to plot the suspicious vessel until finally past and clear.
Note: In this case, the IMB notes the movements of the suspicious vessel to be quite similar to those of fishing vessel.
17.09.2007: 0250 UTC: 02:27.1N – 051:56.0E, Somalia.
A bulk carrier underway sighted a vessel drifting on her port bow at a range of 12 nm.  The boat suddenly increased speed and moved towards the ship.  The ship took evasive action and increased speed to keep away from the suspicious craft. Due to ship’s higher speed, the suspicious boat moved away.
An hour later, another suspicious boat was sighted on the stbd bow; the ship took evasive action to keep away from the boat.  Due to ship’s higher speed, the boat was left behind.  Ship continued her passage.
11.09.2007: 2300 LT: vicinity of Ferguson Island, Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea.
The captain of a workboat, transporting workers and cargo, jumped overboard when pirates boarded his vessel. The pirates robbed the crew and injured them with sharp objects. Later the crew received medical treatment at a shore hospital.  A search party was sent to locate the captain but he could not be found.
09.09.2007: 1145 LT: Posn 01:54.1N – 106:31.49E, 48 NM of Pulau Repong, South China Sea.
Two speedboats, with an unknown number of few men and believed to be armed, were trailing a yacht underway.  Suspicious of their intention, the yacht broadcast the incident via vhf radio.  A passing by container ship relayed the message to Singapore port authorities.  The Singapore port authorities relayed the message to MRCC Jakarta and broadcast a navigational warning via the Navtex and safety net system. The attempted attack was aborted.
18.08.2007: 0750 LT: 05:22.58N – 078:78.9E, 78 NM from coast, Sri Lanka.
Several fishing vessels chased and attempted to board a yacht while enroute from Maldives to Malaysia. The yacht managed to evade the attempted attack.
26.07.2007: 0730 LT: 40 NM west of Anambas islands, South China Sea.
A Chinese fishing vessel while underway was approached by a small rubber boat. Five pirates armed with guns opened fire at the fishing vessel and attempted to board.  The fishing vessel increased speed and managed to escape.  Bullets penetrated the bridge hull and damaged glass. No one was injured.  The fishermen reported to authorities in china, Singapore and Malaysia.

Maritime Safety News Today, 14 September 2007

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Sep 142007

5 feared dead, as merchant ship rams into boat
Vanguard – Apapa,Lagos,Nigeria
Similarly, the Chief Harbour Master of the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), Western Ports, Captain Ubong Uwak, confirmed the accident, explaining that the 

Boxship owners slammed for compromising safety

MAIB hits out at owners for neglecting safety of ships, crew and environment in rush to offer ever-faster schedules.

Norway police probe sabotage claim in whale ship sinking
Activists calling themselves Agenda 21 claimed responsibility for the sinking “to celebrate the end of commercial whaling in Iceland,” according to a

TDC Security Alert: Potential Indicators and Warnings of Maritime Attacks

Recent interdiction of terrorist plots, here and overseas, warrants heightened domain awareness, says TDC’s Joseph Teneglia.

International Cooperation Agreement on Malacca Strait Safety

Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia met last week to discuss the terms of a cooperation agreement to improve the safety of the Malacca Strait, an important waterway for the world’s commerce.

Flag State Activities Crucial to Promoting Safety at Sea

“Flag states have an obligation to investigate all incidents and accidents occurring on vessels in its registry. A thorough investigation culminating in well-considered recommendations presented to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) can make a great contribution to safety at sea,” says IRI Managing Director John Rammage.





Humberto forces ship channels to close

Shipping resumed gradually on Thursday after the rapidly forming storm slammed into the Texas Gulf Coast.

Coast Guard probes barge sinkings

Two vessels broke free from their tugs and lost their cargoes of crushed stone in the Hudson River accident.

INTTRA Bike Team to Ride in Tour Pour La Mer to Raise Money for
FreshPlaza – Netherlands
The Mission’s goal is to raise funds to ensure that seafarers in ports around the world have access to help and support in emergencies, bereavement or

Grounded Cruiser
Guernsey Press and Star – Vale,Guernsey,UK
Half-an-hour before the collision, the million-pound vessel, which was bound for Weymouth, had taken on six tons of diesel in St Peter Port.


From Safety At Sea:

Unions join owners in against Oslo

THREE Norwegian seafarers’ unions have joined the country’s ship owners in a barrage of criticism against the government’s decision to axe tonnage tax.

US unions cut deals on LNG crews

NOW that several companies vying to provide LNG services in the US have agreed to use American crews, unions have followed suit in cutting deals with the firms.

Bangladesh ship catches fire again

Bangladesh Shipping Corporation’s oil tanker Banglar Shourabh caught fire at the Chittagong Dry Dock on Tuesday afternoon.

Wunma inquiry told of class change

THE Australian inquiry into the Wunma incident has given an early insight into how the zinc concentrate carrier came to be in the path of Cyclone Nelson earlier this year.

Dirty tricks: FEMFI fights back

FAR East Maritime Foundation has asked Philippine authorities to investigate the decision that created a fake closure order of the training centre last month

AIS: Don’t die of ignorance

SLOPPY programming of communication devices is preventing rescuers reaching seafarers in distress.

Salvors race to abandoned ship

A SMIT salvage tug is holding the abandoned cargo vessel Amul off South Africa’s Wild Coast this morning, waiting for a salvage team to go on board and assess the damage.