Ivory Coast Situation For Shipping

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Dec 032010

image As the situation in the Ivory Coast continuing to be uncertain following last Sunday’s polls, the country’s Constitutional Council has overturned earlier poll results and declared President Laurent Gbagbo the winner. The Swedish Club’s correspondent ther, IVORY P&I has provided the following official briefing:

“This is an official notice to advise of the evolution of the situation in IVORY COAST.

As you probably already know, the second round of the ongoing Presidential elections was held last Sunday. The results disclosed yesterday afternoon, 02.12.10, by the Independent Electoral Commission announcing former Prime Minister Mr OUATTARA as the winner are now being challenged by his opponent, current President Laurent BAGBO.

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‘Time to beat piracy’ Says ITF

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Mar 182010

Union representatives meeting in Berlin have voted to launch a new campaign to persuade all governments to commit the resources necessary to end the increasing problem of Somalia-based piracy.

Seafarers’ delegates at ITF meetings in Germany authorised the Federation to build a campaign that is hoped to deliver half a million signatures to governments by World Maritime Day, September 23rd. The campaign will call on them to close the circle on protection of ships, and for those states now ducking their responsibilities to stand up and follow the example of those which are actively involved in combating the threat.

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Oil & Gas Guidance on ELBs

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Mar 182010

image UK offshore industry body Oil & Gas UK has issued a set of guidelines for rescue crews.

The 21 page guide has been produced to provide information and guidance to offshore rescue crews in the correct handling of emergency locator beacons currently in use in the offshore oil and gas industry in the UKCS. Its content may be applied in other geographical or commercial sectors.

An online version is available here.

Accident Report: F & K/Jolly Roger Another Strike Against The Mark 1 EyeBall

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Mar 162010

Jolly Roger Gets F&K'd

In what is almost a carboncopy of the Aurora/Simone collision reported earlier on MAC Australia’s Transport Safety Board investigation on the collision between the bulk carrier F&K and the fishing vessel Jolly Roger compounds poor lookout with an unquestioned assumption by officers on the larger vessel that they were on a parallel course and in an overtaking situation rather than a crossing situation.

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EU – Watching You

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Mar 152010

I'll be seeing you, not so much Big Brother as Auntie EMSA

For the first time, EMSA’s new SafeSeaNet tracking module, called STIRES, allows authorities to see all commercial vessels in and around EU waters in a single view. This will be soon be followed by the picture for the whole world.

The information has been available to EU member states in the SafeSeaNet system for some time, but this is the first time that users will be able to see it in a fully interactive, multi-functional display.

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Safety Alert – Avoiding Death On The Gangway

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Mar 152010

Not a place to be when over the limit or tired

A Filipino seafarer aboard the car carrier Yohjin died because he did not wear a fall-arrester while arranging stanchions on a gangway at Bremerhaven. He fell 5.5 metres to the quay wall, was still conscious when an ambulance arrived but died a few minutes later and resuscitation efforts failed.

It appears that he had been drinking ashore the evening before and had a high blood-alcohol level. He returned to the vessel at about, two and a half hours before going on duty.

The full report, currently only in German, is available from the Germany’s Bundesstelle für Seeunfalluntersuchung, Federal Bureau of Maritime Casualty Investigation.

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Maritime Safety & Security News – 15 March 2010

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Mar 152010

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imageNews Headlines

BC Ferries reports five near collisions in 2009

Vancouver Sun

with the US fishing vessel Falcon at the western entrance to Active Pass. “The ferry altered hard to starboard to avoid a collision,” the report states.

Navy Ship’s Crew Sickened By E. Coli

KPTV Portland

The ship is dry-docked at the Cascade General shipyards on Swan Island. Officials said Willamette River water used to fill the fire main tanks crossed into

Trial into sinking of Juan-battered ship begins


The badly damaged and contaminated vessel was raised from the ocean floor after Juan but sold for salvage by the insurance company for $28888.’

RP still to ratify new maritime convention


BY PAUL M. ICAMINA And time may be running out for these seafarers who send $2 billion in Each seafarer has the right to a safe and secure workplace,

Chinese payloads to be removed from Galileo

The EC appears tp be about to order the builders of the 4 Galileo IOV satellites to remove the Chinese-built SAR payloads.

The move results from an evolving security and technology-independence policy – according to EC, government and industry officials at the Munich Satellite Navigation Summit. Continue reading »

Scary As She Goes For Romanian Tug

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Mar 142010

MAC doesn’t have any further data on the incident shown in this video involving CMA CGM DeBussy. It occurred in Romania, at Constanţa, so the results of any investigation, if there is one, may never be made publicly available.

We’d be happy to hear more about this accident. Fortunately there were no human casualties.

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Royal Navy – Sunset Senior Service To End Sundowners

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Mar 142010


Where the French, the Portuguese, the Spanish and the Nazi hordes failed the British government’s beancounters are winning: Bringing the Royal Navy to its knees. Latest to go is a Nelsonian tradition of holding cocktail parties in foreign ports for a cost somewhat less than a parliamentary MP’s expenses claim for garden gnomes.

MAC’s UK correspondent William Redmond reports

Royal Navy chiefs have been left stunned and furious over the Ministry of Defence’s, MoD, orders to scrap cocktail parties held on board its warships while in foreign ports, a practice that dates back to Nelson’s time. The ban marks the darkest day since July 31, 1970 when the Royal Navy was ordered to end the grog rations of over 300 years standing.

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