IMO Wants ECDIS Glitches Confidentially

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Dec 292010

ECDIS: IMO wants glitches fixed

Operating ‘anomalies’ have been identified within some CDIS Systems says the International Maritime Organisation, IMO, which is looking for feedback on the issue.

In a recent circular the IMO says: “The Maritime Safety Committee, at its eighty-eighth session (24 November to 3 December 2010), was informed of anomalies in the operation of some ECDIS systems relating to display and alarm behaviour in particular system configurations. The anomalies were discovered by the inspection of ENCs within a small number of ECDIS systems and the committee considered it possible that other anomalies remain to be discovered… Given the widespread use and the impending implementation of the ECDIS carriage requirement, the Committee considered it important that any anomalies identified by mariners are reported to and investigated by the appropriate authorities to ensure their resolution.

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Will ECDIS Ground?

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Oct 262010

Who will train them?

By the middle of 2011 so-called certificates of competency in operating electronic chart display and information systems, ECDIS will become mandatory. Good news for training providers but will there be enough experienced seafarers to provide that training? Mal Instone Director of Operations & Standards for ECDIS Ltd., believes a teaching crisis is on the horizon and it may take years to resolve.

No-one can deny the practical usefulness of a properly operated ECDIS. With some 32 systems currently available and at least another two being developed to join them, all with different menu systems and with information capabilities that exceed the need to know, that usefulness could be compromised, especially given the shortage of experienced people to train navigational officers.

Instone tells MAC: “I cannot speak for other training providers, but we think that there is going to be a huge demand for this training and limited supply. One of the biggest problems is that few trainers have the relevant sea experience operating with ECDIS, and this is not likely to change for a number of years”.

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Hydrographic Survey for Straits of Malacca and Singapore Underway

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Mar 102010

image A key hydrographic survey within the Traffic Separation Scheme, TSS, of the Straits of Malacca and Singapore is now underway, as part of the Marine Electronic Highway Demonstration Project, a regional project that IMO is carrying out for the Global Environment Facility World Bank. The purpose is to produce an updated electronic navigation chart of the area.

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Shoal Thing -ENC Producers Didn’t Get It

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Feb 262010


Your ECDIS may not display significant shoals and may not set grounding alarms automatically because some ENC producers did not understand the importance to safety of a bulletin issued by the International Hydrographic Organisation.

A lucky visit by a maritime delegation to the UK Hydrographic Organisation has sparked a flurry of urgent messages and updates in the electronic chart community after the delegation noticed that a significant shoal was missing from the ENC chart on the screen and no grounding alarm was set on the ECDIS. The was being reviewed prior to issue and the problem was only noticed because the visitors were familiar with the area displayed.

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Federal Kivalina Grounding – Bridge Team Lost Control – No Passage Planning

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Feb 252010

Federal Kivalina aground

Bulk carrier Federal Kivalina ran aground at 0510 hours on 6 October 2008 at Årsundøya in Møre and Romsdal county, Norway, while under pilotage as the ship’s electrician analysed an alleged fault in the AIS. Norway’s Accident Investigation Board highlights bridge team management, passage planning and the master-pilot exchange as vectors in the incident.

After boarding the vessel the pilot tried to connect his laptop computer to the ship’s AIS using the pilot plug but failed and reported the problem to the master. The master called the ship’s electrician who attempted to locate the fault.

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The Electronic Navigators

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Feb 042010

Captain S. Pullat

Electronic navigation isn’t the future, it’s now, but are today’s navigators too complacent and trusting? Is eNav a threat to good seamanship?

MAC contributor Captain S Pullat sends up some signals.

What paradigm shifts through couple of generations from total visual navigation to complete electronics dependence! Ask practitioners and what is surmised is that Radar, VHF, ARPA, AIS, Integrated Bridge, VTS and the rest put together has precipitated so, COSCO BUSAN a sad example.

From the days of single locked Radar to S-mode for safe-n-quick user friendly switching, the navigators have come a long way! And given the 25yr or so lifespan of ships with grandfather leniencies, one can be sure that all and sundry systems and practices sail side by side; the navigators on contract switching between such diverse technologies.

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UKHO Launches The Future

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Dec 072009

imageIt’s the “future of navigation” said the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office as it launched Admiralty e-Navigator in Singapore recently. Admiralty e-Navigator is the UKHO’s new integrated digital catalogue, product viewer and passage planning tool which makes every stage of navigation and fleet management smarter, simpler and safer – at least, so says the official press release.

Admiralty e-Navigator organises, updates, and brings together all of the paper and digital information needed to plan safe voyages and simplify essential tasks. Whether on the bridge or in the office, e-Navigator will not only give access to a wealth of information, it will organise, maintain, and display all of that data, so bridge and office-based teams have instant access to all the navigational information they need, whenever they need it and wherever they are in the world.

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MNZ Issues ECDIS, ENC Guidance

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Aug 202009

Maritime New Zealand has issued a guidance note, June 2008, Issue 8:  Use of electronic charts, ECDIS and ENCs in New Zealand, targetted at New Zealand shipping companies, International SOLAS, vessels visiting New Zealand, Classification societies in New Zealand, Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) safety inspectors, auditors and accident investigators.

The notice details the technical requirements relating to Maritime Rule Part 25, the different types of chart display systems and the need to maintain and use paper charts. The notice was first issued in June 2008, and the information on the availability of ENCs (electronic navigation charts) from land Information New Zealand has been updated.

Download [PDF: 134Kb, 8 pages]