Is Your Slip Safe?

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Aug 042010

imageCheck the senhouse slips on your liferafts once a month says Marine Safety Forum following an incident in which a liferaft accidentally launched from a North Sea PSV while the vessel was under way.

The life-raft was subsequently inflated by the painter as it streamed down the side of the vessel and had to be recovered.

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Marine Safety Forum – Almost Another Bourbon Dolphin

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Jun 032010

Damage from the Far-Grimshader incident

Marine Safety Forum’s All Members Meeting held on the 27 May 2010 cover a wide swathe of safety issues, including an examination of the Far-Grimshader contact incident which ‘could have been another Bourbon Dolphin tragedy’, to hose handling, concerns over GPS hacking and behavioural safety.

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Feb 092010

Hanging loose is noit an option

“securing methods used by the packers on and offshore was futile” says the latest safety alert from Marine Safety Forum following several incidents in which equipment was insufficiently secured in cargo carrying units.

Equipment damage was only prevented because of the awareness of vessel crews at the loading and backloading stages.

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Sep 252007

MSF, Marine Safety Forum, has set up a work programme in response to the Bourbon Dolphin tragedy in April, 2007, to respond to industry concerns and actions raisedf by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate. A full enquiry is current underway by the NMD.

The Bourbon Dolphin, an Ulstein A102 Anchor Handling Tug Supply vessel capsized and sank during anchor-handling operations for the semi-submersible drilling platform Transocean Rather. According to report on the Marine Link websiteWhen the Bourbon Dolphin attempted to release the inner pin of the anchor, the chain ran free and caught the outer tow pin, which caused the boat to capsize. The emergency release was triggered, but did not perform as designed. Fifteen crew members were onboard, seven survived, three bodies were found, and five are still missing, thought to be trapped in the vessel.”

Only one member of the bridge team survived.

Pending release of a full report the NMD has released a series of measures for Norwegian-registered vessels intended to avoid similar incidents. Copies are available here.

Bourbon itself has established a fund of the families of those lost in the incident .

MSF will hold a workgroup review meeting in Aberdeen on 28 November 2007, preparatory to the MSF all members meeting on the 29th.