Jun 242014

ID-100141843Painted capstan or windlass drum ends can create hazards, says a safety alert from the Marine Safety Forum. According to the auditor writing to MSF, the dangers are under-appreciated and says that such drums should not be prettied up with paintwork but many masters do not seethe danger.

Some time ago the writer was involved in investigating an incident where a seaman had damaged his wrist during a mooring operation. Part of the root cause was identified as resulting from the capstan drum end having been painted. The last eight ships audited by the writer all had painted capstan or windlass drum ends and two masters argued that there is nothing wrong with painting them.

The problem associated with this practice is that the paint itself is the hazard. Continue reading »

Jun 092014

wiresConcerns have arisen regarding the dangers of a hydraulic ram not being properly reset after use in Chinese-made JX-4 release mechanisms from Jiangsu Jiaoyan Marine Equipment Company after a freefall lifeboat launched during a maintenance inspection seriously injuring the occupant. Simulations wires which should have restrained the lifeboat and prevented the launch also failed below their safe working load and are being investigated.

The issue has come to light in a preliminary report by Australia’s Transport Safety Board on the inadvertent launch of a lifeboat from the gearedbulk carrier Aquarosa in March this year.

In Singapore, 5 days before the incident, the second engineer was involved with multiple checks of the lifeboat release hook operation. During these checks, he noticed that the hydraulic system was low on oil and he topped it up. He also noted that the activation of the hook release required between 10 and 15 operations of the hydraulic pump handle. Continue reading »

Risks and regulations of ship to ship transfer ops seminar

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Feb 222011

UK P&I Club and UK Defence Club are hosting a seminar on Ship to Ship Transfer Operations (STS) in conjunction with OnlineSTS.net and FenderCare on the 3rd March at the Piraeus Marine Club.

A growing trend in collision incidents in maritime areas allowing STS transfers has highlighted some of the complexities of liability and contractual arrangements associated with this practice as well as the potential for serious pollution or personal injury claims.

This seminar is particularly topical as amendments to MARPOL Annex I for the prevention of marine pollution during some ship-to-ship oil transfer operations entered into force on 1st January 2011.

The new chapter 8 on ‘Prevention of pollution during transfer of oil cargo between oil tankers at sea’ applies to oil tankers of 150 gross tons and above. Its provisions include a requirement that any oil tanker involved in oil cargo STS operations have on board a plan describing how to conduct STS operations (the STS Plan) which has been approved by its flag state administration, or a classification society on its behalf.

The seminar programme will address the new IMO regulations and the necessary preparations to ensure ships, their equipment, crews and chosen docking master are appropriate. Practical insights into the actual STS operation will be provided by a qualified docking master.

The UK P&I and Defence Clubs’ speaker will present on the liability and charterparty issues that may ensue from an STS incident by way of a case study.

The social reception that follows the seminar provides an opportunity for those attending to discuss points of interest with the speakers and other representatives of the companies involved.

If you wish to attend this seminar, please contact Ms Marinella Makarona at the Thomas Miller Hellas office in Piraeus either by telephone (+30 210 458 5218) or email (marinella.makarona@thomasmiller.com).

Bogus Bomb Detectors – Important Arrest In Iraq

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Feb 172011

Arrested: Jihad-Al-Jabr knew more about bombs than anyone else in the world, he claimed.

At last a victory for the good guys. Now we need to make sure they\’re taken out of ports in south and south east Asia.

Iraq police official charged in bomb device scandal
Reuters Africa
The government began investigations after reports the ADE651 bomb detection devices purchased from a British-based company were practically useless. “Major General Jihad al-Jabiri, the commander of the bomb squad, was arrested five days ago,” a senior

Dare To Care Says Gard

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Feb 032011

Dare to care for your crewmate

Gard Norway’s Loss Prevention and Risk Assessment Department makes an important point in its latest mail-out: ” It is often stated that human errors are among the major contributors to the causes of marine accidents.
At the same time we know from experience that humans are the most valuable barrier in any safety
management system”.

Says the club:everyone needs to “dare to care” about their own and their colleagues
safety… Imagine a situation where you see a colleague carrying out an unsafe act, e.g. entering a tank without proper safety equipment. Take a few moments and reflect on how you think people in your organisation would react in a situation like this?”

Good points. Get the advisory here.

Maritime Safety & Security News – 2 November 2010

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Nov 012010

Confidential Lifeboat Safety Survey – Seafarers and Offshore – Help Make Lifeboats Safer


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imageNews Headlines

15 passengers feared dead as boat capsizes
The chairman of the Beach Management Unit (BMU) in Ringiti, Mr Apollo Nyalwanda, said the boat had just left Sena before the accident.

Death toll rises to 50 in Indian ferry sinking
Two bodies found on Monday were 20 kilometres from the accident. The boat was badly overcrowded as it crossed the Muriganga river after a Muslim religious

Man dies in fishing boat accident
It is understood two people were onboard when the vessel sank – one body has been recovered while searches are ongoing for a second man.

Tanker disabled and adrift, Russian Far East

Tanker Ostrov Moneron disabled and adrift due to engine failure on the night Nov 2 2010, exact position unclear, either in Tatarskiy Strait or in Okhotsk sea. Salvage tug Rubin left Korsakov Sakhalin Island, and steaming to assist. Depression is forming in the area with expected winds up to 30 meters/sec.

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Nov 012010

Nord Fast

Britain’s Maritime Maritime & Coastguard Agency, MCA, has issued its September list of ten detained ships. It would appear that a drunk master was not the biggest threat to seafarers aboard the Singapore-registered chemical tanker Nord Fast.

It is the usual depressing account of shameful ships on which the lives of seafarers appear to be of little value.

Nord Fast, managed by Executive Ship Management Pte Ltd, was detained in Fawley Southampton for two days because the port lifeboat could not be launched as the winch was seized; in addition the LRIT conformance report was not on board.

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Maritime Safety & Security News – 1 November 2010

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Oct 312010

Confidential Lifeboat Safety Survey – Seafarers and Offshore – Help Make Lifeboats Safer


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imageNews Headlines

Death toll rises to 20 in India boat sinking, 60 feared dead
KOLKATA: Indian navy vessels and fishermen searched on Sunday for scores of missing Muslim pilgrims after an overcrowded ferry capsized and sank,

Volgo-Don 113 aground, river Svir

General cargo Volgo-Don 113 ran aground on river Svir on 955.2 kilometer mark, stranding off channel, Oct 30. Vessel got a hole in portside nu 2 ballast tank area. No leak reported.

Freighter captain jailed for being drunk while piloting vessel on Juan de Fuca
“The consequences of an accident that may have occurred due to the defendant’s intoxication could have been catastrophic. The defendant’s intended journey

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Beware Distraction USCG Warns SIM Sinners

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Oct 302010

Beware the sins of the SIM

Although allegations that a member of the US Coastguard was distracted by texting on a cellphone immediately before a fatal accident appear to be unfounded cellphone on bridges remain problematic. Currently there is a move in the US to discourage what it like to call ‘Distraction Operations’, mainly aimed at car and truck driver but the USCG is also running an initiative aimed at seafarers.

Of course, it is unlikely to have much effect on all those shorebased offices who think that the bridge team is just sitting there twiddling its thumbs as the ship negotiates its way into port and have nothing else to do but risk the ship and its cargo by rabbiting on a cellphone.

Be that as it may, the USCG has annunced: “Throughout the United States, and across all transportation modes, safety initiatives are being established to address issues related to Distracted Operations. The Coast Guard recognizes the importance of this issue, understands the potential consequences caused by increased operational risk in marine operations, and is supportive of the goals and objectives of the US Department of Transportation and other distracted driving safety initiatives.

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