Maritime Safety & Security News – 1 February 2010

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Feb 012010

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News Headlines

7 dead, 27 missing after Indonesian sea accident
A Chinese passenger was rescued by fishermen shortly after the accident, first reported by authorities Sunday. The boat’s captain reportedly ignored a stor

Two men die during a work-related accident at an Alcoa plant in Quebec
The Canadian Press
Quebec provincial police constable Marc Butz said a 30-year-old man died Saturday after a one ton weight fell on a him as he was helping load a ship at the

Eight missing after boat sinks in Bataan: Coast Guard
by a passing vessel, said PCG spokesman Commander Armand Balilo. It was unclear why the fishing boat’s owner only reported the sinking days later,

Bridge closed two hours after barge strike
Henderson Gleaner
In April 2008, the motor vessel George King with a tow of 15 barges struck a northbound pier. At that time, the Coast Guard said the pilot indicated strong

Russian border guards fire at two Japanese vessels, crews not hurt
After warning shooting, fire was opened to make the vessel stop, sources of the Russian Security Service’s Sakhalin coast guard department said on Saturday.

Sternwheeler Willamette Queen runs aground near Oregon City, Ore
By cgnews
The Coast Guard responded to the grounding of the the stern-wheeler Willamette Queen near Oregon City,Ore., Sunday. The 87-foot riverboat was being escorted by two Coast Guard Auxiliary vessels when it ran aground with 80 passengers

Carnival Cruise Ship Strikes Pier in St. Kitts
Lawfuel (press release)
The accident resulted in a 15 foot gash along the hull of the Miracle close to the waterline of the ship, according to reports. According to Carnival Cruise

Ship moved from Red Sea reef
Assessors for the Hong Kong-flagged vessel decided that the ship, which remained stuck fast at the bow, was salvageable. It was lightened forward

Research vessel comes a cropper
Otago Daily Times
One student was on board with the crew at the time of the accident, but no-one was injured. Alternative arrangements had been made to allow some students to

Seaman rescued asylum seekers after igoring orders
The Age
the explosion he had told one of the asylum seekers, who could speak English, to ask the others to remain calm because an Australian ship was coming to

Napoli clear-up continues in Dorset
Dorset Echo
By James Tourgout » They are still seeing debris washed ashore from the stricken cargo ship following its grounding in Lyme Bay in January 2007.

Ghost Fleet tanker finally freed from James River muck
Daily Press
Initial efforts to remove the ship began on the first high tide following its grounding. Four high-powered tugs dispatched to the ship tried unsuccessfully


Somalia pirates release Greek cargo ship

Pirates in Somalia have released the Greek-owned cargo ship Filitsa and its crew of 22 after a ransom was paid, Greek officials said.

Pirates sailing Asian Glory, with ten Ukrainians on board, into Indian Ocean
Kyiv Post
As earlier reported, on January 2, 2010, Somali pirates hijacked the Asian Glory, a British-flagged car carrier, owned by London-based Zodiac Maritime

Captain and crew are desperate and pleaded for international assistance,” Andrew Mwangura of the East African Seafarer’s Assistance Programme confirmed by

Turkish frigate sets sail for anti-piracy mission
People’s Daily Online
Turkish frigates have participated in international missions under NATO’s Standing Maritime Group 2 to hunt Somali pirates in the area.

Nigeria: Stakeholders Canvass Ways of Combating Piracy
Lagos — “What became clear in 2008 and 2009, and continued into 2010, is that Somali maritime piracy is big business,” stated a policy paper published last

Off The Radar

HMS Victory to be passed over to new museum
Portsmouth News
At the same time, Peter Goodship of Portsmouth Naval Base Property Trust has led the purchase of Explosion! museum at Priddy’s Hard in Gosport and is due to

Charcoal Smuggling Ship Burns Out In Mogadishu
A cargo ship smuggling illegal charcoal from Kisimayo to Oman has caught fire, burned out and went partly under. Reports say that ship had taken illegally

Mary Woods No. 2 sinks at Jacksonport State Park
He said they will further investigate the ship’s sinking. “I don’t know what happened and we don’t know what happened,” said Ballard.

Beware These Bunkum Bomb Detectors

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Jan 272010
ADE651 bomb sniffer fraud, exports banned by UK

Given the extraordinary claims made by the unethical makers and sellers of fraudulent bomb detection equipment it would not be surprising to find one aboard ship somewhere. You may see them being used by security personnel at ports and airports to detect bombs, or in Africa to ˜detect” ivory poachers, there are different brands with one common element : they don’t work.

(If you have one on your ship, or have seen one being used in port, please let MAC know using our contact form.) Continue reading »

Forgetting The Anthem: Browning RN Risks Maritime Safety

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Jan 252010
Sir Mark Stanhope – a shot across the bows

Britain’s National Anthem urges “Britannia Rule The Waves”, a sentiment that rose to fulfillment in the Victorian era with the global primacy of the Royal Navy. Margaret Thatcher’s ‘return to Victorian values’ did not include maintaining sea power and cuts by her government, and those that followed, have threatened to turn the Senior Service into the Senile Service.

More cuts are expected to be recommended in an upcoming Defence Review. Already, many Royal Navy sailors see themselves as a brown water – coastal – navy.

It isn’t a matter of projecting national power and prestige, the cuts threaten the prime function of any navy: to protect its nation’s commerce.

In an unprecedented move, Britain’s First Sea Lord, Sir Mark Stanhope, has stood up to warn against the browning of Britain’s blue water fleet.

MAC’s UK correspondent William Redmond has the story:

Crown copyright MOD/2010.

Continue reading »

Sep 152009

NL boat sank rapidly, fisherman says, as search continues for
The Canadian Press
Stephen Brothers, a 31-year-old fisherman who heard a distress call from the sinking vessel, said it was clear the incident Saturday morning occurred

On The Waterfront: Death of Lakewood dockworker raises safety issue
Contra Costa Times
Rivera was helping supervise a ship offloading when he was fatally hit by a forklift driver. Meanwhile, internet message boards frequented by longshoremen

Violent seas caused trawler to sink
The Press Association
Investigators said either a wave or waves caused sections of the ship’s hull to buckle and catastrophically fail, ultimately causing the ship to sink.

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Piracy: Insurers Not Helping, Security Cost/Measures Unrealistic

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Sep 122009

Pirates: Insurers could do more

While insurers continue to develop more piracy-related packages to offer shipowners, they have shown little inclination to reward or encourage those who do their due diligence to avoid pirates in the first place, says Canada-based risk assessment firm Evolutionary Security in its latest anti-piracy assessment. Despite an apparent, or reported, improvement in ships’ abilities to fight off pirates several trends are tending to reduce the industry’s overall ability to avoid, deter and repel attackers effectively.

The report considers the failure of insurance companies and similar underwriters to balance their response to the activities and measures taken by ship owners and operators a key issue.

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Sep 112009

Weather hampers search after S.Leone ferry tragedy
TOMBO, Sierra Leone — High seas and strong winds on Friday hampered the search for victims of a Sierra Leone ferry sinking blamed on overloading and the

Fuel pumped from grounded ship
The Times
It was also impossible to refloat the vessel as it was structurally damaged during the accident. Although the vessel’s fuel tanks remained intact,

Vessel grounded
Fiji Daily Post
He also denied claims by passengers on the vessel that Bawaqa was sinking after it ran aground yesterday morning. Cokomata revealed that the captain

Coast Guard Exercise Sends Shockwaves Through D.C. – Washington
for this particular station this is the kind of trining they conduct, for others it could benumerous things such as putting out a ship fire, rescue swimmers doing simulations, it just depends on the station’s

TITAN Salvage Team commended and nominated for the International
The Journal of Commerce Online
The vessel sustained substantial damage during the grounding and broke in two at the bulkhead of the five and six cargo holds, as the carrier crashed onto


Fourth Plenary Meeting of the Contact Group on Piracy off the
US Department of State
Declaration along with International Maritime Organization efforts and encouraged other nations to adopt and implement piracy counter-measure guidance.

New anti-piracy training centre launched
Lloyd’s List
The Merchant Maritime Warfare Centre provides the classroom element in the package in Poole in Dorset, while the on water and simulator ele


Jessica Watson survives collision, still wants to sail around the
Los Angeles Times
However, her vessel, Ella’s Pink Lady, suffered damage to its rigging and hull and a broken mast. That is likely to delay her planned late-September

Off The Radar

New York’s Newest Fire Boat, "343", Sets Sail Out of Panama City
FDNY will spend three to four months training with the vessel before it’s put into service in April. Eastern shipbuilding has already begun work on the

Tankers divide Lowestoft and Southwold

THE fleet of tankers moored off the Suffolk coast has led to a split in the communities of Lowestoft and Southwold.
Residents in both towns are divided as to whether the tankers are a threat to the local environment or an economic benefit.

Cocklers’ gangmaster prosecuted
BBC News
Four of the men were later rescued by the Morecambe lifeboat in rising tides. The act was introduced after 23 Chinese cockle pickers died at Morecambe bay

Maritime Safety & Security News – 4 September 2009

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Sep 042009

One more body found after ship capsize in Inner Mongolia
The body was found at 10 am downstream of the accident site, rescuers said. The body was identified by family members as a woman surnamed Wang, from Hohhot,

Ship rams fishing trawler in mid-sea, 6 rescued
Times of India
As the boat started sinking, the ship sped away in a move that defies navigational rules as well as humanity,” a coast guard official said.

Coast Guard investigates fire at sea aboard FV Kelly Rose
Wicked Local Gloucester
the cause of the fire aboard the shrimp boat Kelly Rose after it caught fire Sep. 2, causing the two crewmembers aboard to abandon ship in a life raft.

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Piracy – Take Care In Tanjung Ayam

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Aug 192009

image Masters and crew are being advised to exercise extra vigilance in hours of darkness when anchored south of  Tanjung Ayam and Tanjung Ramunia on the southern coast of Johor. The warning from the ReCAAP Information Sharing Centre in Singapore follows the fourth attack this year on a vessel anchored in the area.

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Maritime Safety & Security News – 19 August 2009

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Aug 182009

Vessels ablaze after collision off PD
Marine police and the marine department received an SOS call from the bulk carrier after it caught fire in the collision which occurred at about 9.30pm last

Passengers evacuated after Stockholm ferry fire
The Swedish Wire
“Everyone apart for a few members of the crew has been evacuated… we had a fire on board but after 10 minutes the people on the ship and the fire brigade

Sinking Tug Boat Leaks Oil Near Treasure Island
The boat’s the sister ship is tugboat moored next to it. The Coast Guard says it was carrying up to 700 gallons of diesel and lubricants. Continue reading »