Aug 172009

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Tolstoy - A failure of Port State Control

Foundered cargo ships Hera, Vanessa, Rezzak and Tolstoy share common characteristics. All were around 30 or more years old, carrying similar cargoes, two are known to have had low freeboard, all sank in the Black Sea/Sea of Azov, all departed in questionable weather, all were very serious casualties, and with one exception, official investigation reports have yet to be published or filed with the IMO.

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How To Investigate A Maritime Incident

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Jun 302007

If you want to know how how maritime accidents are investigated, what they look for etc. then I’d recommend the Maritime Accident Investigator’s International Forum manuals, click here to go to the MAIIF page. The site itself doesn’t seem to be updated very often, not much by way of updates since 2005 but an interesting resource.