Aug 212009

Lifeboat, or Mandarina, from Usumacinta evacuation: IADC cautions on IMO solutions

IADC, the International Association Of Drilling Contractors, has issued warnings to its members regarding lifeboat safety in the wake of several incidents over the past year and guidance by the IMO.

SAYS IADC “Interest has been heightened due to the circulation of a dramatic video of a lifeboat incident, and an incident resulting in one fatality and injuries to six other personnel during a planned lifeboat drill on a MODU.”

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Freefall Lifeboats – Flight or Fry?

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Jul 242009

As we explored the issue of freefall lifeboats and stretcher casualties recently another concern emerged: Will a freefall lifeboat actually survive a ‘sea of fire’? After all some models are fitted with waterspray systems for just such an eventuality and these should ensure a safe flight through floating burning liquid.

The fact is that there is a danger of overconfidence if you don’t factor in the time taken to get the spray system working. The coxswain’s seat may be a source of life-threatening delay.

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