Aug 112014

safespaceOGP, the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers, has issued a safety alert following the death of a worker at a construction/rig repair yard in Singapore in May this year. The worker had entered an enclosed space which was inerted with argon gas for a welding operation.

Argon does not do much which is why it is useful in processes like welding where a non-combustible atmosphere is needed to prevent fire and explosions. It can also kill, as this case shows.

Too often there is more than one casualty. The first victim is joined by those who follow attempting a rescue. About two thirds of casualties are would-be rescuers.

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May 302011

What happened?

This alert is to advise you on a fatality incident which occurred on 9th April 2011 in Indonesia.

Three workers lost their lives and one other narrowly escaped death when they entered a dewatering tank after initial preparation activities prior to a coil tubing well unloading operation.

One worker entered the tank initially and lost consciousness. The others entered to rescue him. The individuals were asphyxiated by Nitrogen. Continue reading »

Jan 252009

Amendments by the International Maritime Organisation, IMO, to mandate the use of inert gas, IG, on oil and chemical tankers carrying low flashpoint cargoes are being opposed by the International Parcel Tankers Association, IPTA,in part because of what it believes will be heightened dangers during confined and enclosed space entries.

Says IPTA: “IPTA is concerned that the imposition of a mandatory IG requirement is widely viewed as a kind of¬†universal panacea that will automatically protect seafarers. We feel it important that those involved in the debate should have a full understanding of all the underlying issues, including the operating practices of the chemical tanker trade, which are very different from those of the oil tanker trade, and could lead to chemical tanker crews facing even more risk from asphyxiation than from the dangers nitrogen IG would be intended to protect them from.” Continue reading »

Jun 282007

Ships are dangerous places for the badly trained, the unwary, the careless. In this case two seafarers were killed by almost nothing.

The Case of the Silent Assassin

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