Mar 222011


One fisherman lost his life when the ro-ro passenger vessel Scottish Viking collided with the fishing vessel Homeland, which subsequently sank. A Safety Flyer which accompanies the investigation report by Britain’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch, MAIB says: “This case highlights the lack of time available to crew in an emergency to locate
and don a lifejacket. Routine wearing of a lifejacket by fishermen when working on deck can significantly improve survivability and detection by the rescue services when a vessel sinks rapidly”. Continue reading »

Dec 192010

VDR image of Ninanitu (arrowed) on African Zebra radar

Collisions like tangos, usually take two. So it was with the fishing vessel Ninanitu and the bulker African Zebra. There’s little new in Denmark’s Maritime Authority’s just released report into the collision, and subsequent sinking of Ninanitu but a certain lesson that, prehaps, it’s as important to be seen as to see and that old and hoary warning that assumptions are dangerous.

On 6 July, 2010, the skipper of Ninanitu saw African Zebra around two nautical miles off as assumed that it would pass astern. He reduced the volume of Channel 16 and settled down to watch the television on his bridge. He was alone because the only other crew member was in his cabin sleeping.

It is always unsafe to assume that you know what the other ship is going to do.

The higher your visibility the greater your chance of being seen. In this case an efficient radar reflector might have made the vessel easier to see on the radar of African Zebra.

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FV Hits Stockinish Rocks

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Dec 162010

image At 7.30 am on 16 December Stornoway Coastguard was alerted by the crew of the 16.5 metre fishing vessel Sustain that they had hit rocks near Stockinish harbour and taking water.

The three crew reported that their pump was coping but that they needed an emergency pump and an escort into a safe haven. It was determined by the Coastguard that all three crew were wearing lifejackets and that a liferaft is on board. Fortunately the weather is flat calm at present.

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Search for Insung Victims Halted

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Dec 142010

Red marks approximate area of sinking. Satellite photo: NASA Worldwind

Efforts to find 17 crewmen missing at sea after the sinking of a Korean fishing vessel in the Southern Ocean yesterday has been suspended, the Rescue Coordination Centre New Zealand, RCCNZ, says.

Twenty survivors and five deceased were recovered from the water after the Korean-owned and operated No. 1 Insung sank at 6.30am yesterday about 1,000 nautical miles north of McMurdo base, inside New Zealand’s search and rescue region.

The vessel is a 58 metre long-liner with crew from Korea, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Russia. It was fishing for Patagonia Toothfish, also known as Chilean Sea Bass.

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Flying Cloud MOB Fatality, Separation, Knives and Lifejacket Might Have Saved Life

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Dec 032010

image An MOB fatality might have been avoided by separating crew from the back rope of a fishing vessel while carrying multiple sets of creels; providing knives that can be used quickly in an emergency; and, the wearing of lifejackets or personal flotation devices while working on the open deck says the UK’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch.

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Factory Trawler On Fire

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Oct 272010

Fire is said to be under control

Factory trawler Athena is reported to be on fire 370 kilometres south-west of the isle of Scilly, according to reports from the BBC. An air and sea rescue effort is underway co-ordinated by Falmouth coast.

It is understood that 80 of Athena’s 11 crew have evacuated to lifeboats while the remainder are attempting to fight the fire, now reportedly under control. A cargo vessel is currently alongside and a Sea King helicopter from RNAS Culdrose in Cornwall is in readiness.

The 105 metre Athena is one of eight fishing vessels operated by Thor Offshore & Fisheries, which also operates 15 offshore vessels from the Faroe Islands.

Says an MCA statement: “At just after 6.00 am this morning Falmouth Coastguard were alerted to a major fire on board the 89 metre Faroese registered fish factory ship ‘Athena’ which is 230 miles south west of the Isles of Scilly and 270 nautical miles  west of the Pointe Du Penmarche at Brittany. The vessel has 111 people on board. Continue reading »

MCIB: MOB Mystery, Wasn’t Wearing Lifejacket

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Sep 242010

Victim's position

Marijus Rudakov fell overboard from the FV Alma Amy and drowned. He was not wearing a life jacket.

Just another one of those sad tiny tragedies doom themselves to a watery death and their families to grief by not wearing a lifejacket.

Ireland’s Maritime Casualty Investigation Board points out in its report “It is a statutory obligation for fishermen whilst on the deck of a fishing vessel to wear suitable lifejackets”.

Wearing a lifejacket is arguably also a fisherman’s obligation to his family.

Why Mr. Rudakov fell overboard is unknown. He can’t tell because he wasn’t wearing a lifejacket.

The harrowing attempts to save Mr. Rudakov are outlined in the MCIB report:

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Patriot: Dead Seafarers Did Not Wear Lifejackets

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Sep 192010

image Captain Matteo Russo, 36, and his 59-year-old father-in-law, John Orlando, died within 10 minutes of being thrown into the 5.5 degrees celsius cold waters of Middle Bank, off the Massachusetts coast. Autopsies on both men conclude that they died of drowning in a matter of seconds. Both bodies were found without lifejackets or other personal protective equipment.

The final report does not make reference to cold shock, a condition in which muscle and breath control is lost, may lead to a coronary emergency, and which can lead to drowning, and is the most immediate hazard when immersed in cold water.

Cold shock occurs over a period of seconds. It is unlikely that the men would have been able to climb aboard the liferaft, which had inflated and deployed enough to be used.

A casualty who survives cold shock and is wearing a lifejacket, can survive an hour or more in cold water until hypothermia, the lowering of body core-temperature to an unsustainable level, occurs, which significantly increases the chances of rescue. Continue reading »

Two Shetland ER Fires In Two Days

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Sep 192010

Two fishing boat in the Shetlands suffered engine room fires in two days. In both cases, says the Coast Guard, skippers ‘did the right thing.

In one case a Shetland fishing vessel, Fairway LK 270, with 3 crew on board, tackled an engine room fire 40 miles North East of Lerwick.

Shetland Coastguard was alerted just before 10pm by a Mayday broadcast from the steel hulled 23m vessel, which reported a fire in the engine room. Whilst the crew tackled the engine room blaze, Coastguard Rescue Helicopter 102 from Sumburgh and Lerwick RNLI Lifeboat headed to the fishing vessels position.

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