Matanuska Ferry/Ocean Beauty Dock Contact: Master Did Not Recognise Error

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Jul 122012

Still from a YouTube video shortly after impact

Alaska’s Department of Transportation and Public Facilities, DOT&PF, and the Alaska Marine Highway System, AMHS, have concluded the internal investigation of the May 7, 2012 incident involving the M/V Matanuska and the Ocean Beauty Seafoods dock in Petersburg, Alaska. The report claims that the master made a navigation error but had too little time to correct it.

“While we regret the mishap ever happened it is the responsibility of AMHS to conduct a thorough investigation so that we may take the necessary steps toward reducing the possibility of any such event reoccurring,” stated Michael Neussl, DOT&PF Deputy Commissioner for Marine Operations. Continue reading »

Djurgården 4 Contact: Disconnected Cable Led To Crush

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Apr 252011

A disconnected cable resulted in the master being unable to put the engine into neutral or astern from ahead and a subsequent hard contact with the jetty at Nybrokajen says the Swedish Transport Agency. Some 24 passengers one injured, including one broken collarbone.

Why the cable disconnected is unknown and no disconnection alarm was fitted. A casual observation would not have revealed the problem because of the cable covering. The incident does highlight the need to initiate critical manouevres with enough time to take appropriate action.

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Untight Hatches Foundered Ferry

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Apr 082011

Egholm II - Water down the hatch

Untight hatches led to the foundering of the ferry Egholm II while under tow to a yard for rebuilding. Water swept over the foredeck and made ingress into the engine room.

Says the newly-released Danish Maritime Authority report: “EGHOLM II is a ferry with a tonnage of 99.5 BT. The ship is (sic)built in 1963. Continue reading »

Wrong Rubber Fired Up Oscar Wilde

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Mar 102011

Firefighters on dockside - burst disk was hot stuff aboard Oscar Wilde

A rubber diaphragm made of the wrong material, rust and scale-disabled high-expansion foam total flooding system, lack of maintenance local application and bilge foam systems and lack of thermal insulation resulted in spread of fire aboard the Bahamas-flagged ro-ro ferry Oscar Wilde says the MAIB report on the 2 February 2010 incident.

Says the MAIB: “At approximately 1913 on 2 February 2010, a fire broke out in the auxiliary engine room on board the Bahamas registered roll-on roll-off passenger ferry Oscar Wilde. The ferry had just sailed from Falmouth, UK, after completing her annual docking. The seat of the fire was in way of the auxiliary engines’ fuel supply module and quickly spread across the compartment. The fire was eventually extinguished by the ship’s crew at 2100. There were no passengers on board and none of the ship’s crew were injured. However, the fire caused the vessel to lose electrical power, which ultimately required her to be towed back into Falmouth for repairs.
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Isle of Arran: “complacency undermines the effectiveness of ships’ crews”

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Oct 132010

Damage to the Isle of Arran - MAIB warns of "Complacency" on ferries

Britain’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch, MAIB, has expressed concern regarding complacency among ferry crews in its report on the contact incident in which the UK-flagged ferry Isle of Arran, operated by CalMac Ferries Ltd, made contact with a linkspan at eight knots. A cuse of the accident was mechanical failure which led to loss of control of the starboard propeller pitch.

MAIB has recommended that the UK Chamber of Shipping encourage and facilitate the regular sharing of experiences and initiatives by UK ferry owners and operators, with particular emphasis on the prevention of complacency.

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Oct 092010


Fire-fighting efforts have stopped on the ferry DFDS LISCO Gloria because of fears that further water on the vessel might cause it to capsize.

Passengers have been evacuated.

Fire broke out on the upper deck following an explosion at about midnight, 9 October. Terrorism has been ruled out.

Says a DFDS announcement:

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Hydrofoil Master Suspended For Youtube Video – Only In Italy?

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Aug 172010

Is that a sextant in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?

Italian ferry master Michele Siniscalchi, 54, has been suspended after a video posted on Youtube apparently showed a girl passenger driving his hydrofoil, reports Britain’s Daily Telegraph and Italy’s  Corriere della Sera.

Says the Telegraph: “…he apparently allowed Maria Rosaria Federico to steer his hydrofoil on its regular route from Naples to the popular Italian holiday island of Capri.

Miss Federico, dressed in a short white skirt, joked with the skipper after he allowed her to take command of the vessel as it travelled across the Bay of Naples at high speed.”

Unfortunately Ms. Federico’s friend shot a snipper of video on her cellphone which found its way onto the Youtube video website.

Captain Siniscalchi protests that he maintained control of the vessel at another station and that the controls used by Ms. Federico were not operating.

Lesson: Beware of rather attractive Italian physiotherapists with long tanned legs in short white skirts.

Here’s the video: Continue reading »

Villem Clausen Slamming – Speed ‘Unsafe’ – RTFM With Care

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Aug 022010

imageDenmark’s Maritime Authority says that the operations manual for the Bornholmstrafikken-owned, Austal-built ferry Villem Clausen did not provide the vessel’s master with sufficient information regarding safe speed in heavy weather. This contributed to the vessel slamming into ‘one or more waves’ at 33-35 knots on 11 January 2010, during a crossing from Ystad in Sweden to Rønne on the island of Bornholm.

Six passengers were thrown out of their seats and injured as was one crewmember when the vessel hit the waves. Upon arrival in Rønne, two of the six injured passengers had to be treated at the local hospital. The most severe injury was a broken hip.

The slamming caused severe indentations in the bow. Continue reading »

Reefers and Spuds Fire Up MAIB Safety Alert

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Jul 062010

Connectors overheated and melted

In advance of completion of the investigation into a fire on the vehicle deck of the ro-ro ferry Commodore Clipper on 16 June, 2010, the UK’s Marine Accident Investigation Board says that operators of vessels carrying refrigerated trailer units should take immediate action to ensure that all power supply cables and fittings provided for refrigerated trailer units are in good condition and that electrical protection devices will activate at an appropriate level.

“Until such time as the exact causes of this fire have been established, make additional checks of refrigerated trailers powered by ships’ electrical systems to provide early warning of any overheating”, says the MAIB safety flier.

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