Nov 202014

Sooner or later the chances were that someone was going to be killed aboard the 13.32 metre Irish registered FV Liberty. Given the long list of safety issues uncovered by Ireland’s Marine Casualty Investigation Board, MCIB, and the fact that an earlier incident involving an injury went unreported so the conditions that resulted in the death of a seafarer on 14 February 2013 went undetected, tragedy was inevitable and preventable.

In port at Dunmore East prior to the voyage, one of the trawl nets on the vessel, supplied by the owner, was swapped for a used net supplied by the skipper. The skipper’s net had been kept in storage and had not been used since October 2012. The net was apparently changed because
it was deemed to be more suitable for the intended fishing grounds  where the vessel was going to fish. Continue reading »

Blue Note: Bad Design = Lucky Three In Close Call

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Apr 172012

Three seafarers were lucky to escape without serious injury

Catastrophic failure of a hatch-lid gantry crane on the dry cargo vessel Blue Note on 22 July 2 011, resulting in a close-call for three seafarers, highlights the importance of safety considerations in equipment design. As with certain lifeboats, the design of the gantry crane affected made it difficult to see whether hooks were properly secured while an attitude of expediency rather than safety prevailed onboard.

Says the recently released UK Marine Accident Investigation Branch, MAIB, report: ” The design of the crane made it difficult for ships’ staff to verify if the lifting hooks were correctly engaged in the lifting sockets provided on the hatch-lids…  There was no risk assessment covering the operation of the crane and movement of the hatch-lids. As a consequence, ship’s staff had adopted poorly considered working procedures that focused on expediency rather than safety”.

The result was that on 22 July 2011, the hatch-lid gantry crane derailed while it was carrying a single hatch-lid to its stowed position in preparation for discharging cargo.

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Evil Eye Drops 9.5 Tonnes

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Aug 242010

The crane pennant and the Flemish eye tails which have unravelled and pulled out of the ferruleA badly made Flemish eye crane pennant failed on an offshore installation dropping of a 9.5 tonne load causing what the UK’s Heath & Safety Executive calls “a serious incident. Inadequate testing by the manufacturer and incomplete technical information lead to the Flemish eye being manufactured with a mismatched ferrule/wire rope arrangement.

This incident occurred on an offshore installation during the lifting of a container weighing 9.5 tonnes. A 5 metre long, 15 tonne working load limit crane pennant was connected between the crane hook and the master link on the container sling set. The crane pennant had been manufactured from 36mm diameter wire rope and the eyes on each end had been formed by using the Flemish eye technique. Steel ferrules had been used as the termination and these had been pressed over the Flemish eye rope strand tails. During the lifting of the load the wire rope strands in the tails of the Flemish eye connected to the pennant hook became free inside the ferrule allowing the Flemish eye to unravel and the load to fall. Continue reading »

Beware Around Cranes Says Hong Kong

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May 122010

image Hong Kong’s Marine Department has issued the following safety alert regarding safe working practices around cranes:

A serious accident occurred in January 2010 in which a coxswain onboard a dredger was seriously injured attempting to lubricate the crane turntable whilst the crane was operating. The investigation into the accident revealed that the coxswain climbed beneath the crane turntable without notifying the crane operator. He was caught between the mudguard and the turntable and severely injured by the motion of the machinery.

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Spirit of Esperance Fatality – Routine Violations

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Apr 132010

imageCrew aboard the Maltese-registered containership Spirit of Esperance “routinely violated the working aloft procedure by climbing the emergency ladder adjacent to the hook’s cradle without a permit or appropriate personal protective equipment” says Australia’s Transport Safety Bureau.  The result was that a seafarer fell 4 metres to his death.

Although ATSB identified a number of serious issues, the incident highlights the critical importance of following working aloft procedures and wearing personal protective equipment such as fall arrestors even if the job seems simple.

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Safety Alert – Watch The Sea When Lifting

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Feb 132010

image Two recent incidents have highlighted hazards associated with unexpected worsening in sea-state during lifting operations, warns Oil & Gas UK. Lifting operations are one of the most hazardous operations conducted on offshore facilities and require careful planning, identification of the hazards, assessment of risks and implementation of appropriate controls. It is important that any changes in circumstances, such as congested lifting areas and potential changes in sea-state which could lead to unpredicted movement of a suspended load, are given appropriate consideration in the task safety analysis.

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Crane Snags Cargo on Safe Haven

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Dec 132009


Marine Safety Forum

Weather: Wind 16-20 knots Sig Wave 1.7m

The vessel arrived at the first location and commenced cargo operations. This installation partly discharged its cargo. As per the routing the vessel proceeded on and visited six other locations.

During this time a Waste Recycling Unit (WRU) was moved from the centre line of the vessel to the starboard side adjacent to a safe haven to allow more backload space. The vessel returned to the first location to complete the remaining cargo. As the WRU was lifted it caught in the safe haven which resulted in the lifting bridle parting.

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Safety Alert – Crane Almost Gave A Whipping

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Nov 122009

imageGet one part of a procedure wrong and you could end up getting a whipping, and a safety alert from Marine Safety Forum shows how, in an incident from the Gulf of Mexico.

The vessel was in DP operation and carrying out crane
work operations. The crane was on stand-by for the next operation.

It has two hooks, one main hook and one whip-line hook.

On the deck the riggers were working. To prevent uncontrolled movement of the crane the whip line hook is connected to an internal constant tension tugger winch with a constant tension of 4 tons.
During the start up procedure for the crane the pump
for the tugger winch was not started. That means that the whip line did not follow and adjust according to the movement of the crane boom.

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Maritime Safety & Security News – 15 July 2009

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Jul 152009

Coast Guard responds to grounded fishing vessel
KTUU – Anchorage,AK,USA
The Coast Guard says a Siren crew member reported the grounding by radio, then safely disembarked from the ship in a small motor boat and reached the shore.

Fishing boat runs ground off Newport – Bristol,RI,USA
The grounding caused environmental concerns when a sheen of oil was spotted around the stricken ship later Tuesday morning. But it later evaporated,

Ship Captain and Chief Officer Plead Guilty to Pollution Crimes
A Greek citizen, Panagiotis Lekkas, the captain of the bulk cargo ship the M/V Theotokos, pleaded guilty today to four felony counts in federal court in New Orleans for violating anti-pollution laws, ship safety laws and obstructing a U.S. Coast Guard investigation. (Read More)

Southampton accident sparks call for crane checks
Lloyd’s List – London,UK
In particular, she singles out Morris ship-to-shore cranes built in the early 1990s, and which have since undergone modification. These criteria are known

Divers find silver on sunken ship, easing doubts
The Associated Press
Both the Argentine Navy and a federal court were investigating the sinking of the Chilean-flag vessel. Court officials contacted Wednesday refused to

Pioneer Drilling pays $16m in lawsuit

San Antonio-based driller Pioneer Drilling has agreed to pay $16 million to settle a wrongful death suit stemming from an accident that killed a woman last year.


Somali pirates leave dhow, 14 Indian crew-EU force
Reuters India – Mumbai,India
It added that the ship was left 15 nautical miles off the northeast Somali coast in an area naval forces call the piracy “hot zone”.

Somalia: Mwangura – Hijacked Ship’s Crew Ailing – Washington,USA
Nairobi — Crew members of a vessel hijacked by Somali pirates three months ago are “ailing” and short of supplies according to a regional seafarers’

22 Somalis charged with piracy by Yemen court
Gulf Times – Doha,Qatar
Twenty-two Somali men appeared before a court in the southern Yemeni port city of Aden yesterday to face charges of piracy and attempted piracy in the Gulf

Pirate Attacks Doubled in First Half of 2009 | Journal of Commerce
Piracy attacks around the world more than doubled to 240 from 114 during the first six months of 2009, compared with the same period in 2008, the International Chamber of Commerce’s International Maritime Bureau’s Piracy Reporting

Navy patrols cause fall in ship attacks
Business Daily Africa – Nairobi,Kenya
fruits with piracy incidents in the region falling sharply in the first half of this year. A report released on Wednesday by the International Maritime

2nd Contingent of Anti-Piracy Unit to Leave for Somalia
Korea Times – South Korea
The International Maritime Organization counted 111 attacks in 2008 in waters near Somalia, the most notorious location for such activity.

Nigeria oil militants call 60-day cease-fire in response to
Gaea Times – Kolkata,West Bengal,India
May 14th, 2009 Nigerian rebels hijack oil ship, hold 15 sailorsLAGOS, Nigeria — Nigerian militants hijacked an oil industry ship and were holding 15

Gulf of Aden piracy costs Yemen $350M
United Press International – USA
Government reports cited Wednesday by Saba, Yemen’s official news agency, showed that direct government losses from maritime piracy amounted to $150 million

Piracy and Offshore Security Conference highlights
BYM News (press release) – Gibraltar,Spain
He will be followed by Cyrus Mody, Manager, International Maritime Bureau (IMB) who will consider ‘Global piracy‘ including areas of high risk;

Under The Radar

Tax reprieve gives Mwangura movie on piracy a lifeline
Business Daily Africa – Nairobi,Kenya
Mr Mwangura, who runs the Seafarers Assistance Programme that has been offering humanitarian aid to seafarers shot to national and international limelight