Costly Container Is A Boffin’ Delight

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Mar 092011

This shipping container was discovered upside down on the seafloor by MBARI researchers in June 2004, four months after it was lost at sea. Researchers will revisit this site during the upcoming cruise. Image: © 2004 MBARI

Chances are that you’ve forgotten the walloping $3.25 million settlement the owners and operators of the container vessel Med Taipei paid to the United States to resolve allegations that the 15 containers lost overboard in 2004 resulted in long-term damage to the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. The container that was central to that settlement is still at the bottom of the bay, doing its thin at the service of science.

In February 2004, 15 containers fell overboard from the Med Taipei when the vessel was traveling on rough seas from San Francisco to Los Angeles. The containers carrieda variety of cargo – furniture, thousands of tires, several hundred thousand plastic items, miles of cyclone fencing, hospital beds, wheel chairs, recycled cardboard and clothing items. A US Coast Guard report revealed the containers were inappropriately loaded on board the vessel – there were faulty welds on anchor points for the containers, as well as missing d-rings from the deck of the vessel. Continue reading »

Pacific Adventurer Gets Lashed For Rocking Roll

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Jan 292011

Hull damage caused by oberboard containers

Australia’s Transport Safety Board has released its report into the lost of containers from the containership Pacific Adventurer, the subsequent holing of the hull and subsequent pollution.

The ATSB investigation found that the most plausible explanation for Pacific
’s severe, and at times violent, rolling motions was synchronous rolling, as a result of the ship’s natural roll period matching that of the encounter period of the waves experienced.

While the master took action to avoid the rolling, in accordance with the guidance in the ship’s safety management system, this action was not sufficient. The option of altering the ship’s stability by adjusting the seawater ballast in its tanks, and therefore its natural roll period, as the ship made its way up the Queensland coast, was not considered.
Much of the ship’s fixed and loose lashing equipment was in a poor condition. Continue reading »

Dodgy Containers Put Masters, Shipowners At Sea

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Jul 062010

Martyn Haines - warns of container danger

Not infrequently, shippers are a little less than entirely forthcoming about what’s in their boxes, whether it’s how much it weighs or what’s actually inside. It puts masters and ship owners at risk but it’s a tough nut to crack, says Martyn Haines, Senior Claims Director, UK P&I Club.

The huge liabilities which can be incurred by ship owners when containers are lost overboard are frequently compounded by the problems of establishing the circumstances surrounding a particular incident and incomplete knowledge of the containers’ contents.

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Feb 162010

imageGermany’s Federal Bureau of Maritime Accident Investigation, BSU, has issued its report into the collision between the containerships Marfeeder and APL Turquoise in the Wesser Estuary. The incident occured outside Bremerhaven on the morning of 1 June 2008.

The report is currently available only in German at the BSU website. Key issues are electronic navigation and bridge team management.

Ireland Gets First Go With EMSA MAR-ICE

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Feb 082010

BG Dublin - What was in the lost box?

Ireland became the first to use the MAR ICE system in a real-life incident last month, says the latest newsletter of the European Maritime Safety Agency.

On 12 January, the container ship BG Dublin lost seven containers in a force 10 storm off Ireland.

Debris was washed up on the southern Irish coast, with one container including the hazardous material sodium bromate. On 14 January the Irish Coastguard requested info on the substance through EMSA’s MAR-ICE service. Information was provided within less than an hour.

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Jan 072010

System shortfall lead to top-heavy stacks

Due to ‘system shortcomings’ inaccurate container weights on a loading plan resulted in supposedly empty boxes on top of stacks aboard the 10,000 gt container feeder Husky Racer weighing as much as 30 tonnes. During discharging operations at Bremerhaven several stacks toppled over, with 18 containers going over the side from the Magellan Charter Services – owned vessel.

Maersk Line is running trials on an upgraded software package that will provide cargo planners with the declared weights of the containers. This is scheduled to be introduced in the first weeks of January 2010.

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Follow The Big Red Box

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Sep 142008

How does BBC News explain the complexity of maritime trade to its viewers? It tags a container with a GPS and tracks it around the world with the help of CSIS and NYK Lines. Currently it’s stuffed full of scotch on its way to China and websurfers can follow its progress around the globe on the BBC website.

Other than a paint job, the project isn’t costing the BBC much. Explains Jeremy Hillman Editor, BBC business ansd economics centre: “Surprisingly, this project will not be costing the BBC much over and above the coverage costs for the editorial content. ]Whilst we have paid a little for the branding of the box and some technical costs the fact this is a working container means it will be earning its own keep. We are keeping our fingers crossed the Box does not fall overboard”

What adventures await the BBC Box? Will it spent six weeks in a container yard in Ulan Bator? Fall off a ship, like the thousands of teu that drop off decks every year, and circulate in the Sargasso Sea for eternity? Be discovered stuffed full of illicit Mercedes labelled “dry goods” in Manila? Will it be arrested for spying on North Korea? Will it end up being looted on a beach in Devon?

It’s a wild, wild world for a container out there. If you see the BBC Box, let us know, sent a photo if you can.