This Week’s Podcast: The Case of the Errant Hookers

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Jan 192015

She’s powerful, unpredictable and pushy. If you don’t keep a firm hold it could mean a rocky relationship gets very deadly.

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The Master

Let’s talk about Chandra. That’s not his real name but he was a real master, 44 years old with 27 years seafaring experience and seven years as a master.

The Ship

Coop Venture The Coop Venture His vessel was the Coop Venture, a Panamanian registered Panamax bulk carrier of 36,080 gross tones witha crew of four Indians and 15 Filipinos. She carried a cargo of

40,280 metric tones of corn from New Orleans, United States, to Shibushi Bay in Kagoshima prefecture, Japan.

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Norcape: Windlass failure/grounding/injury –

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Dec 212012

It was not a pretty picture for the ro-ro freight ferry Norcape aroundwindlassdog Troon Harbour, Scotland on 26-27 November: Bad weather, a failed bowthruster, a damaged windlass and a seafarer injured as a line fouled a propeller, says the UK’s Maritime Accident Investigation Branch, which has just released a report on the incident together with a safety flyer..

On 26-27 November 2011 the ro-ro freight ferry Norcape
suffered a number of accidents, including windlass damage,
An attempt to berth at Troon in the early hours of 26 November was thwarted by the strength of the wind and one of her two bow thrusters failing. The vessel then proceeded to anchorage, across the Firth of Clyde, off the Isle of Arran, but the weather conditions were too severe for her to remain there. While recovering her anchor, the windlass suffered a catastrophic failure and the anchor and cable had to be slipped to enable the vessel to get underway.

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Connemara cargo ship grounding “Should not have happened”

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Apr 072011

Dodgy anchoring, a small channel, a large ship and a Force 8, all the ingredients for an accident that should not have happened.

MAC’s UK correspondent Bill Redmond reveals all

A 7,000-tonne cargo ship, the Pantanal, which ran aground on the Connemara coast in the early hours of March 31 “should not have happened,” said the Irish Minister for Marine, Simon Covey, and will be investigated. Speaking in Rossaveal, the minister said: My understanding is that the captain of the ship was advised not to anchor where he anchored by the harbour master’s office here. He ignored that risk.”

Fortunately, the ship’s operator, Harren & Partner, of Bremen, arranged for two tugs to pull the beached vessel off at high tide on April 1st, which was successful and all the 16-man crew were safe with no obvious damage to the vessel following a divers’ inspection.

It could, however, have been very different. The grounding was treated as an international or “priority one” incident and protective booms were placed around the vessel with 370 tonnes of heavy marine fuel on board to contain any pollution risk.
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Losing Anchors – Don’t Be Tempted To Wait

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Nov 122010

Take a bad storm,  officers who perhaps are not as familiar with anchor characteristics affecting their vessel as they should be, a dash of commercial pressure, a master who’s wants to ‘wait and see’, anchors and cables that may be below spec and you have a recipe for losing an anchor.

P&I club Gard Norway says that it has seen an increasing number of lost anchor cases and that according to class societies class societies many as one anchor is lost every year for every 100 ships is lost annually.

Recovering anchors can be costly. Anchors and cables lost around moorings can be a hazard to other vessels

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APL Sydney Gas Pipeline Rupture – Comms The Snag

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Apr 282010

Ethane bubbles to the surface, potential for explosion

What you see in the photograph is the result of a ruptured ethane gas pipe in Port Phillip, Australia. It was the result of poor communications, culture gap, key players kept out of the information loop and a pilot’s unchallenged decision to try and dredge the anchor of a drifting containership, APL Sydney.

It is an excellent example of a holistic accident and perhaps a timely reminder, with typhoons on the way to brush-up on anchoring in bad weather.

At 1428 on 13 December 2008, the Hong Kong registered container ship APL Sydney’s starboard anchor was let go in Melbourne anchorage. Four minutes later, the pilot left the bridge and by 1436, he had disembarked the ship. The 35 knot south-southwest wind was gusting to 48 knots. A submarine gas pipeline lay 6 cables (1.1 km) downwind.

By 1501, after dragging its anchor, the ship was outside the anchorage boundary. The master advised harbour control he intended to weigh anchor and was instructed to maintain position and wait for a pilot. At 1527, when weighing anchor was started after receiving permission from harbour control, the ship was within 50 m of the pipeline. While weighing anchor, the anchor dragged across the pipeline, snagged it at about 1544 and, subsequently, the anchor windlass failed.

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Three Engine Failures, Two Collisions = Bad Day On The Elbe

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Nov 272009

image Germany’s Federal Bureau of Maritime Casualty Investigation, BSU, has issued its report on the multiple engine failures of the 8,896 gt reefer Hope Bay while on passage from Hamburg, under the conduct of a pilot, and subsequent collisions between Hope Bay and the salvage tug Oceanic and between Oceanic and Joseph Mobius, a suction dredger. The cause of the engine failures remains in doubt but a key element in the incident was poor communication.

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Safety Alert – Exploding Windlass – Your Experiences?

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Aug 182009

Results of a high pressure that couldn't take it

Britain’s Maritime Accident Investigation Branch has appealed to the industry for information on the catastrophic failure of high pressure hydraulic anchor windlasses in its latest Safety Bulletin following several incidents since 2007, some of which have caused serious injury.

Says MAIB: : “Since 2007, the MAIB has been made aware of the catastrophic failure of a number of high pressure hydraulic anchor windlasses. Of those that have occurred, the following are particularly noteworthy:

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Beware – Hookers In The Parking Lot

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Jul 182009

Safe at anchor? Not! Photo: London P&I Club Stoploss Bulletin

Anchoring and anchored ships seem to have a disturbing habit of bumping into each other, especially in places where there are strong currents or tidal flows, warns the London P&I Club’s latest Stoploss bulletin. With so many ships laid-up in various harbours around the world, it’s a problem that’s likely to be with us for a while.

Yet many of the incidents reviewed by the Club precede the recent market difficulties which have led to a significant increase in the number of ships at anchor off busy ports.

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In The Wake of the Dolphin

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Jul 172008

After the loss of the ATHS Bourbon Dolphin and eight of its crew in 2007 while moving anchor during a rig moves, the Marine Safety Forum set up a workgroup to develop generic guidelines coverting rigmove operations. The guidlines are now available and be downloaded here.

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