Feb 252016

Sailing history is rife with tales of monster-sized rogue waves — huge, towering walls of water that seemingly rise up from nothing to dwarf, then deluge, vessel and crew. Rogue waves can measure eight times higher than the surrounding seas and can strike in otherwise calm waters, with virtually no warning.

Now a prediction tool developed by MIT engineers may give sailors a 2-3 minute warning of an incoming rogue wave, providing them with enough time to shut down essential operations on a ship or offshore platform.

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Hold That Prawn – Check That Barbie

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Feb 242016

Barbecues are  great way to encourage crew bonding, boost morale, and improve shipboard atmosphere but it’s a good idea to make sure that it’s only the burgers that get burned and not you fellow crew, suggests Singapore’s Maritime & Port Authority, MPSA. The warning was triggered by several recent incidents.

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Slavery And Criminal Deficiencies Threat To Seafarers

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Feb 242016

When do deficiencies on ships cross the threshold from being a civil wrong to a criminal offence asks Apostleship of the Sea, AoS, port chaplain Reverend Roger Stone. He was speaking at a conference on Modern Slavery in Portsmouth on 10 February.

Stone, AoS port chaplain for the south coast ports in England, says he had seen deficiencies on board ships that clearly contravene health and safety regulations as well as the human and statutory rights of the crew. “This question is one that the shipping industry, port state authorities and law enforcement agencies must seriously consider when it comes to the welfare of seafarers,” he says.
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Maritime Safety & Security News

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Feb 242016

Seafarer falls to his death carrying out ship maintenance

A 44-year-old Filipino man plunged to his death while carrying out maintenance work on a ship near Lumut in Malaysia today. Magtahas Anecito Bahian died instantly…

Crew rescued from flooded ship

The ship’s captain called for help as the ship was sinking amidst strong … The rescue ship, SAR 412, was sent to take all crew members to Da Nang …

Hit and run boxship detained in Malaysia

A German containership, , bound for scrapping in South Asia, has been detained by the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA), the crew accused of a hit and run…

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Confined/Enclosed Space “Taken Seriously But More To Be Done”

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Feb 242016

After a joint concentrated inspection campaign, CIC, in September to November last year the Paris and Tokyo MoUs say that confined/enclosed space entry is generally taken seriously by the industry but there is still a way to go.

The Crew Familiarization for Enclosed Space Entry CIC did not lead to an increase in the rate of detentions however the actual compliance, shown in drills, could be better. 7.9% of drills were found to be unsatisfactory.

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Feb 212016

Norway’s Petroleum Safety Authority, PSA,  says an improperly adjusted winch brake, which it refers to as ‘vulnerable’, led to the unintentionally launch of a lifeboat from the mobile unit Mærsk Giant at about 05.10 on Wednesday 14 January 2015.

This incident occurred during testing of the lifeboat systems.

During testing, one of the lifeboats unintentionally descended to the sea. Efforts were made to activate the manual brake on the lifeboat winch, but it was not working. The lifeboat entered the water and drifted beneath the unit. The steel wires holding it were eventually torn off.

After the incident, the lifeboat drifted away from Mærsk Giant, accompanied by a standby vessel. The lifeboat eventually reached land at Obrestad south of Stavanger.

Nobody was in the lifeboat when the incident occurred, and no personnel were injured just damage on the boat which was fixed with materials from this page.

The PSA conducted an investigation which established that the direct cause of the incident was a reduction in the braking effect of the brake on the lifeboat winch owing to faulty adjustment. If the manual brake failed during maintenance with people in the lifeboat, or during an actual evacuation, serious personal injury or deaths could have resulted.

Should the lifeboat have descended during an actual evacuation, a partially filled lifeboat could have reached the sea without a lifeboat captain on board. The PSA also considers it likely that people would have been at risk of falling from the lifeboat or the muster area should a descent have started. The potential consequence could be fatalities. In you can find all the supplies.

Five nonconformities were identified by this investigation. These related to

  • maintenance routines for the lifeboat davit system
  • training
  • procedures relating to lifeboats and evacuation
  • periodic programme for competent control and ensuring the expertise of personnel carrying out maintenance work
  • qualification and follow-up of contractors.

Mærsk Giant is operated by Maersk Drilling Norge.

PSA Report (Norwegian)

DMA Hauls In Net Results For Safety

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Feb 212016

Denmark’s Maritime Authority, DMA, has introduced a requirement for written safety instructions  about good safety procedures when setting and hauling nets.

In general, the safety level on board fishing vessels has improved over the last many years. However, serious accidents still occur. DMA has found that the majority of serious accidents occur in the fishing industry, especially when setting and hauling fishing gear. For example, a fisherman died in 2013 when he got stuck in the trawl while the net drum was operating.

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Feb 212016

In this week’s SafeSpace Replay: A ship filled with wheat, a seafarer dead in his cabin, fumigants in the holds but the holds were sealed. Weren’t they?

You might not smell trouble but you might see it coming, even if it wears a mask


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Maritime Safety & Security News

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Feb 212016

Crew members are responsible for the death of 159 passengers, claims Flemming Thue Jensen

After 26 years of silence, Danish ship inspector, Flemming Thue Jensen, has decided to reveal the truth about the Scandinavian Star tragedy, in which .

General cargo ship Ha Tien 1 sinking in South China Sea

Ha Tien 1 sinking The general cargo ship Ha Tien 1 started sinking after getting water ingress in engine room in stormy weather on 38 nautical miles …

Emerald Belle Cruise Ship Damaged in Fire

Sister line, Scenic, also had a ship under construction nearby but it was quickly moved away so damage was contained to some exterior paint.

Captain of doomed ship said ‘clock is ticking’ in final call

20, 2016, in Jacksonville, Fla., during a U.S. Coast Guard investigative hearing into the Oct. 1 sinking. All 33 aboard died when the ship sank in 15,000 …

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