Sage Sagittarius: Murder In The Stars?

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Mar 022016

Murders at sea may be the stuff of seafarers tales but they do happen. When three mysterious deaths occur in just a few weeks aboard a ship under the command of a self-confessed gun-runner and allegedly physically abusive master trying to prevent complaints by his crew reaching the authorities it is inevitable that the possibility of murder is taken seriously.

Like any other random event, accidents can and do happen in clusters that suggest a pattern even when there is no common link between them. Such may be so in the case of the fatalities aboard Sage Sagittarius, a Panama-flagged bulker of 73,430 gross tonnes built in 2001. It will be up to a New South Wales Coroners Court to determine whether the deaths need further investigation by police authorities.

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Maritime Safety & Security News

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Feb 292016

Chinese general cargo ship sinks fishing boat, five dead five missing

Chinese cargo ship Xin Ri 6 collided with a fishing boat off Qingdao on the Yellow over the weekend, leading to the sinking of the fishing boat with ten …

One Person Missing After Historic Ship Sinks in Fields Landing

The Dennis Gayle, an old wooden vessel that is believed to have been the last surviving whaling ship to have worked out of Humboldt Bay, sank at its …

Car Shipping Vessel Sunk in the Channel After Collision with Another Boat

A car shipping vessel loaded with over 2,800 brand new cars sunk into the depths of the fog bound English Channel after it collided with another boat

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US Takes Aim at Seafood Slavery

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Feb 292016

Slavery at sea is coming under attack in the US. reports the New York Times as President Obama signs laws that will ban of fish caught by slave labour in South East Asia, one of several measures being taken to protect seafarers forced to work under abominable and dangerous conditions.

A Port State Measures Agreement, will empower officials to stop foreign vessels suspected of illegal fishing from receiving port services and access. The United States became the 20th country to ratify the pact.

In addition the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA has announced plans to improve how seafood is tracked from catch to market, with new reporting requirements for American importers.

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Unsafe EPIRB Recall

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Feb 292016

Do not rely on Kannad Safelink EPIRBs for search and rescue, warns the manufacturer following concerns that they may not work when needed. The issue appears to be due to the plastic body ageing prematurely.

Orolia Limited, owner of Kannad Marine says it has become aware of an issue affecting Kannad Safelink EPIRBs which could result in the beacon not operating in an emergency.

The Safelink EPIRB’s yellow body plastic may prematurely age when subjected to specific environmental conditions which has the potential to impact on its long term effectiveness in the field. The Kannad Safelink EPIRB model is the only Kannad Marine product affected.

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Can You Help Make Designs Safer?

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Feb 282016

Bad design costs lives and ships and sealing wax, as many accident events show (See below). What is often lacking is design fo people to use, human-centred design, That applies as much to electronics equipment as it does to anything else aboard ship so an initiative by the Nautical Institute and marine electronics manufacturer organisation Comité International Radio-Maritime, CIRM, is to be welcomed.

The initiative aims to improve the usability of navigation and communication technology on board ships by getting mariners’ input, which brings together willing seafarers and interested manufacturers to ensure that designs are validated using human-centred design principles.

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Maritime Safety & Security News

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Feb 272016

Capesize NEW KATERINA aground in Suez Canal
Suez Canal reportedly is closed for traffic in both directions. The ship is en route from Yuzhniy (Ukraine) to Qingdao (China), meaning NEW KATERINA is in load.

Fault left cars stuck on Condor ferry in Portsmouth for 12 hours

Dozens of vehicles were stuck on a ferry in Portsmouth for more than 12 hours after a ramp to disembark failed.

The Condor Ferries service arrived from Jersey at about 07:00 GMT, but a fault with the internal ramp meant cars on the upper deck were unable to get off.

Drunken Captain Gets Vessel Stuck in Germany

A inland freighter found itself pinned in a peculiar way on Germany’s Main river after the drunken ship captain allegedly ran the vessel into a bridge and then the river bank.

Local media reports that the 105-meter vessel Elsava became pinned crossways between a bridge and the edge of the river in Lohr am Main, Germany early on Thursday

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Weighing Up The Container Problem

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Feb 272016

From 1 July 2016, packed containers intended to be carried on international sea voyages must be weighed before being loaded. The new measure is to minimize the number of accidents says Denmark’sMaritime Authority.

In recent years, there has been a number of accidents where large ships have lost containers at sea and where the ship’s hull has been extensively damaged due to overload. The main reason for this is probably incorrect container weight data.

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Check For Cracks In FPDs

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Feb 272016

Step Change In Safety has issued the following warning:

Cracks in watercraft OEM maintainance pennants
During routine five-yearly NDT inspection, cracks were found in the bottom fork of the FPDs fitted to the Mills release gear on Watercraft lifeboats. Further investigation revealed similar failures on other boats fitted with this combination of equipment.

It is not currently known what the cause of the cracking is. Investigations are continuing.

The failure is currently believed to relate solely to Mills OEM equipment.

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Maritime Safety & Security News

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Feb 252016

Blizzard Forces Aurora Australis Icebreaker Aground in Antarctica

Australia’s flagship icebreaker Aurora Australis has run aground in Antarctica after it breaking free from its moorings at the Mawson station during a blizzard.

Coast Guard initially didn’t think the El Faro was sinking

An officer testifies that a representative for the ship’s owner, Tote Inc., led the Coast Guard to believe the ship was disabled but the crew could fix its …

15 months jail for ex-ship inspector after giving false testimony during Lamma disaster hearing

On October 1, 2012, a Lamma passenger ferry and a Hongkong Electric Company-owned vessel collided off Yung Shue Wan, killing 39 people, in one …

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