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Oct 012009

Maritime Accident Casebook is being moved to a new server,please bear with us

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Jul 172009

Ship helmsman sentenced to 10 months for oil spill
San Jose Mercury News – San Jose,CA,USA
Cota was the pilot of the 901-foot Cosco Busan when it slammed into the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge on the foggy morning of Nov. 7, 2007.

Lifeboat to the aid of nuclear vessel
Campbeltown Courier – Campbeltown,Scotland,UK
CAMPBELTOWN Lifeboat went to the aid of a crewmember on board a nuclear fuel transporter on Saturday morning. The man had been taken ill on board the vessel

Crewman severs fingers in fishing accident – New Bedford,MA,USA
The 88-foot fishing vessel Eileen Marie reported the injury to the Coast Guard at 10:46 pm Wednesday, according to a Coast Guard press release.

Fishermen survivors return home to Quang Ngai
Thanh Nien Daily – Ho Chi Minh City,Vietnam
Nine fishermen who survived a collision with an unidentified foreign ship in the central province of Quang Ngai on Wednesday returned onshore Thursday

Fear of oil spill
Times of India – India
KARWAR: The accident of MV Shahin on Friday is similar to the accident of ship — Ocean Seria — that took place three years ago, in the same place. .

Coast Guard: Alcohol not a factor in scalloper grounding – New Bedford,MA,USA
Meanwhile, the Coast Guard reported that the vessel’s four crewmen, who were rescued without injury, tested negative for alcohol.

Philippines – MFA – Filipino Seafarer Afflicted with CA-MRSA and A
ISRIA – France
The Consulate General of the Philippines in Hong Kong sadly reports the demise of a 42-year-old Filipino male seafarer from La Union province found to be

Coast Guard warns: Beacon ID mix-up led to wreck of Lady Mary
Press of Atlantic City – Atlantic City,NJ,USA
partly to determine if another vessel collided with the ill-fated scalloper. The cause of the sinking remains unknown. AP contributed to this story.

Korean Anti-Heeling System
TankTech, a marine equipment maker located in Noksan Industrial Complex in Busan, South Korea, announced that it has succeeded in developing ‘Anti-Heeling System’ using two-way propeller pump, after two-year long R&D.

JSMEA discloses more fake cases
The Japanese Marine Equipment Association (JSMEA) has revealed further incidents of counterfeit marine products.

The JSMEA said two members of the association, Yanmar and Daihatsu Diesel, had reached out-of-court settlements after filing civil law suits against compatriot marine equipment manufacturers Marinco and Nikki World Trading.

Both companies are alleged to have counterfeited engine parts and marketed them as the products of Yanmar and Daihatsu.


Modern piracy in consulates
la estrella – Panama
Varela said that they are too many irregularities in the consulates and currently he is assembling together with the Panama Maritime Authority a team that

Under The Radar

Swarm of bees force yacht crew overboard

When insects attack at sea – scary…

Practical Boat Owner, 17 July 2009

Drill Floor Bang

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Jul 082009

We don’t have any information on this incident as yet, the video pretty much speaks for itself:

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MAC Updates

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Jun 272009

Safety for 20 cents a day

A reminder, if you’re not already aware, that MAC has a subscription service with enhanced products. Check it out here.

Will MAC’s free service continue? Yes, we’ll go on providing podcasts and safety information for seafarers, what we are currently calling MAC Premium will support that efforts.

Second reminder, if you’re getting this through an RSS feed, change it for our new one at ,which will send you the latest news and podcasts.

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MAC Main Site Updates

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May 032009

Lifeboat D-Ring Alert

Swine Flu Advisory

Don’t Lose Your Head When the Job Changes

Got An SST?

Put The Tardis Next To The ECDIS?

Now For The Good News – Four Years No LTA For Raisis Rig

Protect The Pirates Out Of Existence

Oil and Gas Set Up Helicopter Task Group

Danish Seafarers Get Terror Compensation

Post-Alabama Maersk Maintains ‘No Guns’ Policy

Maersk Kithira Death – Staff Didn’t Appreciate Risk

Sitting On A Drive Shaft Could Damage Your Tackle

Subic Bay Beers All Round for US Captain’s Release

SAFEDOR Completes Safer Ships Project

Pirates, Alabama and the Jones Act

Step Change Reflects on Piper Alpha and 2008

Maersk: We Don’t Need Security

Time for the Q-ships return?

Fire Protection Updates

First 3D Used In Former USSR

NI Launches Career Development Project

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Silent Assassin Video Available

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Mar 272009

The Case Of The Silent Assassin


In September 2007, after broadcasting several audio podcasts and blog posts on the subject MAC realised that confined space/enclose space casualties were disturbingly common and seemed to be a major issue that wasn’t going away. We wanted to do something, however modest, to help address the situation. We discussed the issue with IDESS Interactive Technologies, which shared our concerns, and we agreed to collaborate in the production of three animated versions of MAC podcasts of which the first was The Case Of The Silent Assassin, based on the Sapphire incident investigated by Ron Strathdee of the Isle Of Man registry.

If you would like a copy please contact IDESS Interactive Technologies


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Main Sites Updates

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Jan 272009

It’s been a while since our last up on what going on with our main site at so here’s something to keep you busy:

New Podcast – The Case Of the Rose Assassin

Das Boot Gets Last Bite

General Alarm – Hydrostatic Copy-Cats Can Kill

Ferry vs Lighthouse, Lighthouse Wins

VDR Failures

Generics – Are They Worth Ships They’re Sinking?

Beware of Tow Rope Twangs and Nut Showers

ORB Conviction Upheld – New Offence?

To IG Or Not To IG, That Is The Question

SOSY09 – Recommend a Risk Ready Reckoner

Engineer Scalded – Risks Not Mapped

IMB – Rise In Piracy “Unprecedented”

Pride of Canterbury: A Threesome With Bad Habits

Stay Alive – Check Your Meter

Freefall release fears shut platform

Shoot The Crew Says NEPIA

Good News – Iceland Null Point

Pivoting On A Point In A Paddling Pool

Think Positively Says HE-Alert

Cheating On A Chain Stretcher Could Send You To A Stretcher

MOB Cantara Preliminary Report Out

Stop, Step Back To Escape The Rose Assassin

SOSY09: Listening Post For Seafarers

MCIA Update

Website of Note: Maritime Security Centre – Horn of Africa

Son of A Bahamanian Seaman?

Confined Space Entry Deaths Nothing New

Flying Phantom: Three Dead Because Lessons not Learned

ECDIS and Incompetence

Arming Ships – The Blackwater Factor

Tug Man Gets Screwed

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Recent Main Site Updates

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Sep 192008

Recent Posts

MCIA Membership Application Online

Stolt Valor Hijacking Update

Tighten Your What?

Hot work near-miss could have been a bomb

It Gets Bigger When You’re On The Job

Napoli Fights On

New Dawn Skipper’s Bravery Praised But Better Rescue Procedures Required

Follow The Big Red Box

Ike – 28 down, 3,772 To Go

Weekly Piracy Report

Help Us Build A Virtual Library

Tackling The Safety Wetware

Aussie Bulker Grounding – “Poor BTM”

Maritime Casualty Investigation Association Update

BSU – Jan Maria ‘glaring violations

Free Fall Lifeboat Hazards – A Drop In The Ocean

Watch That Chopper – Don’t lose your head

Princess Of The Stars – fixing the blame, but not the problem

Suez Shooting – Wrong Time, Wrong Place

Should Seafarers Be Hush Puppies

SOS – Ships Of Shame

News Headlines

Maritime Safety News Today – 18th September 2008

Maritime Safety News – 17th September 2008

Maritime Safety News – 16th September 2008

Maritime Safety News – 14th/15th September 2008

Maritime Safety News – 12th/13th September 2008

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Main Site Updates

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Aug 092008

Recent posts and news on the main MAC Site:


The Case Of The Unlucky Hooker Podcast now available

Cygnet’s Kiss Transcript available


Did Tongues Sink Mary Rose? 500 Years On, Mysteries and Familiar Answers

Cosco Busan Trial, Testing The Waters?

MAIB Report – Banging Knuckles

Piling Pineapples On Pirates The Russian Way

Finns Fight Sock Fire To The Finish


Maritime Safety News Today – 8th-9th August 2008

Maritime Safety News – 6th-7th August

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