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The Case of the Unlucky Hooker

When Pasha Bulker dropped her nearly 7.5 tonnes anchor off the coast of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, nobody expected that a disaster would make this Unlucky Hooker a flawed local hero. macaudio

The Case of the Little Red Ship

She was built for the adventures of a lifetime in one of the most survival-challenging, and vanishing environments on the planet with a reputation for the world’s worst weather. This adventure was the end of a lifetime among the icebergs for the Little Red Ship. macaudio

The Case of the Confused Pilot

If you don’t talk to your pilot you could be heading for a bad turn. macaudio

The Case of the Unfamiliar Mariner

The Bow Mariner and three quarters of her crew met their end because of mismanagement, ignorance, incompetence, intolerance and fraud.macaudio

The Case Of The Acidic Assassin

What you don’t know can kill you macaudio

The Case of the Foggy Pilot

When it comes to safe navigation, if you don’t ask a question right you’re not asking the right question and you won’t get the right answer. macaudio

The Case of the Silent Assassin

Ships are dangerous places for the badly trained, the unwary, the careless.In this case two seafarers were killed by almost nothing. macaudio free,pilotage,

The Case of the Benzene Bomber

An explosion on a vessel carrying flammable cargo is a master’s nightmare. This nightmare will make your hair stand on end. macaudio