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We’ve been around since 2006, and have gained a good reputation for the way MAC communicates safety messages to seafarers and those directly concerned in their management, through its daily posts and frequent audio podcasts – of which there are more than 40 and more will be made available this coming year. It is available free of charge to readers, who are encouraged to share the information. Its language is designed to be lively, engaging, clear and accessible – so we don’t “sound like Head Office”. And it’s sometimes bumptious, because we want seafarers to feel, correctly, that we’re on on their side.

It has become respected by seafarers and maritime safety personnels and is regarded as a credible source of safety-related information. Its founder and administrator, Bob Couttie, is an ambassador for the joint Confidential Hazardous Incident Reporting Programme/Nautical Institute Mariners’ Alerting and Reporting Scheme joint initiative.

It is independent, does not accept advertising and does not publish press releases or product/service puff pieces. It does not charge a subscription to it’s users.

In addition to its own site, Maritime Accident Casebook also leverages maritime social media to get its messages out, reaching 7,000 seafarers and maritime professionals each month through its website directly, and manages the 7,000-strong member Linkedin group for maritime safety and investigation. Through Facebook and Linkedin it reaches a maritime audience or more than 50,000.

Recently MAC has launched a free app for Android and Apple devices to engage its audience wherever they are. It is the first of several planned apps to help advance safety at sea.

Maritime Accident Casebook costs some $12,000 a year to operate. However, planned ventures into video productions based on its podcasts are placing pressure on its ability to provide those services. That is why we are reaching out to you to partner with us to help us save lives, save ships and save the environment.

Bob Couttie

Bob Couttie, well known in maritime safety circles, administers Maritime Accident Casebook.

He is also an ambassador for the Confidential Hazardous Incident Reporting Programme, CHIRP, and Nautical Institute Maritime Accident Reporting Scheme joint programme.

He brings to the project more than a decade of experience in writing, voicing producing and directing maritime safety videos and video case studies. drawing on his background in film and radio drama and documentaries and experience in maritime journalism with publications such as Lloyd’s List.

Backing up Bob Couttie’s efforts is a team of industry professionals, from well-experienced master mariners to senior executives of some of the largest shipping firms in the world.



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