Feb 242016

Barbecues are  great way to encourage crew bonding, boost morale, and improve shipboard atmosphere but it’s a good idea to make sure that it’s only the burgers that get burned and not you fellow crew, suggests Singapore’s Maritime & Port Authority, MPSA. The warning was triggered by several recent incidents.

MPSA says “Several incidents involving make-shift barbecue pits have occurred recently onboard ships causing a fire or explosion at the site, resulting in the officers and crew receiving second and third degree burns. The officers and crew have had to be evacuated from the vessel and received extensive treatment ashore”.

Investigations have shown that the persons preparing the barbecue had used a paint thinner to light up the charcoal or sustain the fire on the barbecue pit.

“Shipowners and masters are reminded that the conduct of barbecue parties, where permitted by company’s Safety Management System, SMS, should be given due consideration on the risks of fire and explosion when lighting such fires. The risks should be adequately addressed within the SMS and at no time should inappropriate fuel be used,” says MPSA.

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