Jan 212016

Towboats Restricted After Fifth Vessel Hits Same Vicksburg Area Bridge

A fifth towing vessel has hit the same Vicksburg Railroad Bridge prompting officials to close the river to towing vessels pushing barges under bridges, the U.S. Coast Guard said late Thursday.

The US Coast Guard issued a news release stating that the Lower Mississippi River is closed between mile markers 51 and 54 after 22 barges broke away.
Vietnam enquiring into sinking of fishing boat: official

He continued to say that under whatever circumstances, if a ship from any country caused the sinking – and did not attempt to rescue civilians, they …

Panama Canal Mandates Deck Cooling

Until further notice, the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) will require tran siting crude oil tankers, product carriers, and chemical tankers carrying cargoes with flashpoints of less than 18°C, to cool their main decks to prevent automatic activation of their pressure relief valves during transit
General cargo ship Elbetor caught fire in English Canal

Elbetor ship The general cargo ship Elbetor caught fire in English Canal on 6 nautical miles off Norfolk, UK. The ship was en route from King’s Lynn to

Car carrier Silver Sky attacked by pirates in Gulf of Guinea

Two groups of pirates on fast boats attacked the ship and tried to board her, but fortunately due to the load free boards and selfless protection from the …
Fatal sinking probed

TSB spokesman Chris Krepski said Wednesday that navigational equipment from the 20-metre vessel carrying 24 passengers will also be analyzed
Bill Nelson tells NTSB: Look again for El Faro recorder

The recorder was designed to hold information on the last 12 hours of the ship’s life, and was expected to be key to understanding the ship’s sinking
UK minister raises concern over sentence of six ex-soldiers in India

Nick Dunn, Billy Irving, Ray Tindall, Paul Towers, John Armstrong and Nicholas Simpson, who worked on an anti-piracy ship, were arrested

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