Jan 232016

So what do you do when you experience an incident that was very nearly an accident? Or a dangerous situation, an accident in waiting, that you think you can do nothing about? Do you curse, shrug and forget because you think nothing can be done? Or your job might be at risk if you make a fuss about it? There is a way to solve that problem – it’s called CHIRP, the Confidential Hazardous Incident Reporting Programme.

CHIRP has released a video, made by Maritime Films UK, about how it works and how it can help you keep yourself safe, without compromising your job, with examples of success stories. Click “Continue reading” below to watch the video.

MAC must admit to an interest – he is SE Asian Ambassador for the joint CHIRP/Nautical Institute reporting programme.

Says CHIRP: “Incident reporting programmes have proved to be valuable tools in the identification of safety related issues and the definition of corrective actions. In the specific case of incidents involving human error, the availability of an independent, voluntary, confidential reporting medium has provided valuable additional information to that available through formal or mandatory reporting systems.”

Give it a try.

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