Jan 212016

Within days of the gruesome Carnival Ecstasy tragedy a shipboard lift/elevator claimed another victim by crushing. Yet again the issue of safety when working on or around lifts is highlighted.

Steve Summerside, a 45-year old engineer was working on a lift aboard the Irish Ferries owned Ulysses, the biggest vessel of its kind when launched in 2000. Ulysses was in dry dock for its annual refit. Details are scanty but reports say that Summerside became trapped between the lift and the lift shaft and was crushed.

Investigations are underway by Britain’s Health & Safety Executive and the local police force.

Lift hazards are not confined to ships, of course. In March 2012 Lift manufacturer Schindler Ltd was fined £300,000 for safety failings after an employee was crushed to death while installing a passenger lift at Heathrow Airport.


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