Apr 222015

Singapore’s Maritime and Port Authority now requires vessel under its flags to comply with the new Safety of Life At Sea, SOLAS, regulation requiring vessels to carry atmosphere testing equipment for confined spaces by 1 July 2015, a year in advance of the regulation becoming mandatory.

While carrying proper atmosphere testing equipment may seem like common sense cost-cutting measures have, in the past, led to oxygen testing equipment not being made available on board,

In January this year the IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee invited SOLAS contracting governments to voluntarily implement SOLAS regulation XI-1/7 to ships entitled to fly their flags, as soon as practicable.

SOLAS XI-1/7 reads:

Atmosphere testing instrument for enclosed spaces
Every ship to which chapter I applies shall carry an appropriate portable atmosphere
testing instrument or instruments. As a minimum, these shall be capable of measuring concentrations of oxygen, flammable gases or vapours, hydrogen sulphide and carbon monoxide prior to entry into enclosed spaces.

Instruments carried under other requirements may satisfy this regulation. Suitable means shall be provided for the calibration of all such instruments.”

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