Apr 012015

Given the enthusiasm displayed by lifeboats to fall off their hooks with depressing regularity one would hope that fitting a fall prevention device, FPD, to a lifeboat during drills is regarded as good seamanship these days. On the other hand one that is not properly arranged is not going to do its job, as a safety alert from Marine Safety Forum, MSF, explains.

An MSF member reports that during hoisting of a starboard lifeboat, it reached the upper deck, it was noticed that the FPD was not properly secured or attached to the lifeboat.

An immediate de-briefing was carried after all people that had disembarked the lifeboat including all deckcrew regarding the proper installation of FPD. And before launching the next lifeboat, a briefing was carried out again and emphasized the importance of proper securing of FPDs. Ordered also the officer in the lifeboat to check also the FPDs together with boat hooks were properly secured before completely heaving up the lifeboat.
During briefing of each lifeboat before launching, it should be pointed out the importance of proper
securing of FPD s and for the officer inside the lifeboat to check the FPD together with the boat hook are properly secured before completely hoisting.
The UK’s Maritime and Coastguard Agency has issued a video on FPDs:

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