Mar 312015

As always CHIRP’s latest Maritime Feedback, provides a rich crop of incidents, hazardous conditions and poor practice that haven’t yet caused a accident but which could if left unreported and unresolved. Over the years MAC has become well aware that major accidents are often long preceded by small, unreported events and conditions that no-one thought very important, often a symptom of larger safety issues.

MAC does have to declare an interest – he is on of 15 Ambassadors for the CHIRP/NI MARS Joint reporting programme despite the risk that reporting appropriate cases to CHIRP may reduce the number of accidents we have to report.

Each of the reports covered, several very worrying indeed, includes safety lessons worth learning.

Here’s what’s in this issue:

  • High Risk Personnel Transfer
  • Contact during Ship to Ship transfer
  •  Disregarding TSS in Malacca Strait
  • Power loss
  • Tripping over towing wire during mooring operations
  • Safety Concerns of Domestic Ferry
  • Engineer bypasses safety lock on incinerator
  • Grease Tape on Wires
  • Unsafe working standards by terminal staff when fitting CBM Hose
  • Man overboard from a tender
  • Design Issues with free fall lifeboats
  • Marine Operating and Maintenance Manuals

How do you report something of concern? You can use the confidential online reporting form.

The latest MFB also includes an infograph on what happens to your report:



Maritime report form

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