Feb 092015

Instead of our usual weekly audio podcast we’re releasing our first Video casebook! If you’re a registered MAC user – remember registration free – click in the pic and the bottom of this page and you can watch it and download it following the instructions there.

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The Case of the Fall From Grace

If you don’t look after your lifeboat
it won’t look after you

We’re all aware of the sad toll of seafarers taken by lifeboat accidents. MAC is committed to increasing awareness of the issues that lead to such tragedies and providing seafarers with the knowledge to reduce them through engaging case studies that help develop the instincts conducive to safety.

The Fall From Grade is a 7.45 minute video presentation of the popular MAC audio podcast of the same name, produced with the help of donations from the MAC community. It is available in two versions: MPEG4 and MOV.

Terms and Conditions

It may be distributed freely subject to agreement with the following terms and conditions:

  1. You may only distribute it ‘as-is’
  2. The video remains copyright Maritime Accident Casebook
  3. The video may not be re-edited or otherwise changed in any way without the explicit approval of Maritime Accident Casebook.
  4. When shown to a group the video is shown in its entirety.
  5. You may not charge for the video in any way, whether as a video or as part of a paid-for training course, without explicit written permission of Maritime Accident Casebook.
  6. By clicking the link at the bottom of the page you agree to the above conditions.

Using the video

The video is structured to allow and encourage discussion and comment in a group setting.

Section 1 concerns conditions before the accident. The video can then be paused, before continuing to the account of the accident, for discussion on what hazards the audience identifies. The presenter should not confirm whether or not the audience suggestions are correct at this stage and just continue with “Let’s see what happened”.

Section 2 details the accident and ends with the question “What do you think caused the accident?” and a list of suggestions. These suggestions can be discussed and other suggestions sought from the audience. Note the suggestions but do not confirm which ones may be correct.

Section 3 Provides an analysis of key issues and ends with brief suggestions for actions to take.

Section 4 Simply asks “What are you going to do to prevent this accident happening aboard your vessel?”. Allow the video to finish completely after which the audience can be asked individually what they, personally, are going to do and also initiate discuss about issues not explicitly covered in the video but relevant to the case such as whether lifejackets should be worn inside a lifeboat or only carried.

For reference you may wish to print out this webpage.

The video is in MPEG4 format which should work on most PCs, MACs and tablets. Please advise us of any problems.

Click on the picture below to go to the download page.


  2 Responses to “Free Video Casebook – The Fall from Grace”

  1. This approach is very disappointing. Any and all safety related training should be accessed by the broadest audience possible. I hear all this about the lifeboats and safety. In my 30+ years at sea we never had an incident with a lifeboat. These were mostly using the old Rotmer releasing gear which all had a healthy respect for and we always made sure we had a person assigned to the releasing gear who could be relied on to only release it at the appropriate time/when ordered to do so.

    • I’m unclear: Making safety training materials available for free and encouraging users to share it surely encourages its use by the broadest possible audience.

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