Jan 072015

One must hope that 2015 will not continue as it has begun with at least four serious maritime accidents, with significant  making headlines in the Christmas/New Year period. They are stark reminders of how far we have to go to reduce to make a significant impact on losses.

Gearbulk’s Bulk Jupiter, sank off the coast of Vietnam while carrying bauxite, so far, of the 19 crew there has been one survivor.

On January 3 the Cyprus-registered cement carrier Cemfjord was discovered bow-up in the Pentland Firth, her crew of eight are still missing.

That same day the car carrier Höegh Osaka lost stability in the Solent and was deliberately grounded on the Brambles Bank. Fortunately no lives were lost.

Over the Christmas period came the fire aboard the Italian-flagged Norman Atlantic Ferry. More than 400 people were evacuated but 11 died and 18 are missing.

Four very different vessels coming to grief in different ways.




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