Aug 142014

eldfiskNorway’s Petroleum Safety Authority, PSA, says that it is going to carry out its own investigation into a hydrogen incident early on the morning of Thursday 7 August, which led to the discharge of stabilised oil to the sea from the Eldfisk FTP field terminal platform.

PSA says its decision to launch its own investigation “reflects the seriousness of the incident and the information received about it. Among other goals, the inquiry will seek to establish the course of events, identify the direct and underlying causes, and follow up ConocoPhillips’ own investigations of the ESD and leak”.

The facility was in the process of starting up again after an emergency shutdown, ESD, and loss of power on 6 August.

According to operator ConocoPhillips, a blowdown valve in the separator was left open during the start-up, so that stabilised oil flowed to the sea via a sea sump and knockout drum.

The leak was discovered and halted at 05.00 on 7 August. A helicopter was dispatched to monitor and assess the size of the spill, and mechanical recovery of the oil initiated.

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