Aug 082014


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Bangladesh charges ferry owner, captain over deadly sinking

Police said they had launched a manhunt for the owner of the vessel, which rescue workers have still not been able to locate more than 48 hours after .

CroisiEurope Rhine Cruise Continues On Schedule After Collision

(4 p.m. EDT) — Lafayette, the newest vessel in French-owned CroisiEurope’s fleet, continued its scheduled cruise after being involved in a collision …

River accidents galore

That the maritime court has now some 35 launch accident cases pending hearing goes to show the lack of interest in bringing those to book

Cargo Ships will be Paid to Slow Down to Avoid Hitting Whales

As per the program, ships will be asked to cruise 12 knots or lesser than … So many whales are killed because of ship collision that their recovery is

Pirates of the Ayeyarwady terrorise port communities

River pirates are running rampant on moored boats in Mandalay but ship owners and workers are too afraid to report cases to police or the media


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