Jul 012014

MOBGuidelines to help shipowners comply with a new International Maritime Organization regulation requiring ship-specific plans and procedures for the recovery of persons from the water, have been launched today by the International Chamber of Shipping.

Under the new SOLAS Regulation, from 1 July 2014 all ships are now required to develop plans and procedures identifying both equipment to be used for recovery purposes and measures to minimise the risk to shipboard personnel involved in recovery operations.

ICS Marine Director, John Murray, says: “This guidance outlines practical steps that shipowners and  may wish to consider when developing the necessary plans and procedures, including advice that existing on board equipment may be identified as suitable for the recovery of persons from the water.  In the majority of cases, the carriage of additional dedicated equipment will probably be unnecessary.”

The ICS Guidelines, which are intended to be read alongside guidance produced by IMO, include an example plan and procedure setting out how a company might document its strategy for potential recovery operations.

Murray says: “Although the requirement for ship-specific plans and procedures is new, once prepared the documents can be considered as part of the Safety Management System.”

Download ICS Guidelines for the Development of Plans and Procedures for the Recovery of Persons from the Water here.

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