Jul 292014

lifejacketgasAn autoinflating lifejacket that doesn’t auto-inflate when needed can ruin your whole day. It might be a good idea to check that the gas cylindre on yours is properly screwed in, says MarineSafe Australia Forum

On 7 June, 2014 a worker fell about four metres from the lower landing of an
offshore platform into the sea. He was retrieved from the water without delay by
the crew on a support transfer vessel and transferred to the site clinic for medical treatment.

The  Type 1 Inflatable Personal Flotation Device, PFD. the worker was wearing did not automatically inflate on contact with water despite being equipped with this capability. Inspection of the PFD after the incident identified that the gas canister was not fully screwed into the inflation tube fitting.
A separate recent event at a contractor-operated marine facility highlighted a similar case of a lifejacket not automatically inflating after a worker fell from a barge. It was identified that the gas canister was not fully tightened.

MarineSafe Australia Forum  recommends:

Ensure routine inspections are conducted on equipment to confirm gas canisters are installed and ready for use in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.
Ensure crews that use inflatable lifejackets are trained and familiar with their use.

Download MarineSafe Australia Forum safety alert here

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