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stropArrange the strop properly when handling hoses then leave it alone is a key lesson from a recently issued safety alert from Marine Safety Forum. The incident resulted in a crewmember losing the tip of his finger in a rather unpleasant fashion. Not, of course, that there is pleasant way to lose a finger.while assisting the attachment of a bulk hose using the strop and pin method.

As the bulk hose was being lowered to the vessel the crew member caught the strop and looped it around the pin as usual procedure, but also took hold of the bulk hose as it continued lowering. As the hose lowered and the hang-off strop bore the weight of the hose his finger became trapped between the ship’s rail and the hose connection resulting in a finger being crushed and severed.

Says MSF: “The ‘strop and pin’ method of transferring a bulk hose requires minimal intervention or assistance from the vessels crew and there is no requirement or need for the crewmember to touch or guide the bulk hose as it is being lowered once the strop is attached. The only requirement for the crewmember during the bulk hose transfer is to catch the strop and ensure it is correctly looped over the pin.”

Here’s how the strop should be looped over the pin. No other intervention is required:msf-safety-flash-14.27
As the hang-off sling nears the OSV’s side rail whilst the hose is being lowered, the AB should catch the eye of the round sling, if reasonably practicable, by boat hook or by hand, and fit the eye over one of the pins.

Pictures 1 & 2 – The strop correctly laid over the hanging-off pin. The strop can lift freely from the pin when the crane retrieves the bulk hose.

Shortening of the strop must not be done by way of wrapping the strop around the hanging-off pin or securing it to any other point.


Picture 3 – The strop incorrectly wrapped around the hanging-off pin. The strop will not lift freely from the pin when the hose is retrieved.

If the vessel requires the strop to be shortened or altered, then the hose should be passed back to the Installation for the strop to be adjusted accordingly by the installation.


Picture 4 – Another incorrect way of securing the strop to the hang-off pin outlined above.

Note that the flat slings in the above pictures are for illustration purposes only.

Download this MSF Safety Alert

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