Jun 092014

stormHong Kong’s Maritime Department, Mardep, advisory regarding typhoons reminded MAC that it is time to send out the usual warnings for the this time of year – ugly weather is on the way and there will certainly be the usual casualties among cargo ships and ferries around Asia. MAC would prefer that its readers are not among them.

Such weather affects so many parts of a ship’s operations – from mooring to simply avoiding being killed by a badly-design bridge – that no single piece of advice covers every situation. Over the years we’ve carried many reports and several podcasts related to bad weather. Preparation and forethought is the key difference between a bumpy ride and a casualty.

Here are some incidents to think about and some of our podcasts:


The Case of the Errant Hookers

The Case Of The Bendy Boxer

The Case Of The Errant Hookers


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