Jul 192012

Between 1 September and 30 November 2012 Australia will be participating in a concentrated inspection campaign (CIC) on Fire Safety Systems being co-ordinated among the countries of the Paris and Tokyo MOU’s on port State control. This campaign will verify compliance with the Fire Safety Systems requirements and the provisions of the International Convention for the Safety of
Life at Sea (SOLAS) Ch. II-2 (Construction – Fire Protection, Fire Detection and Fire Extinction) on all ships.
Australia will be carrying out these inspections in conjunction with routine port State control (PSC) and flag State control (FSC) inspections. The intention is to examine as many ships that fall within the scope of the CIC as possible which are due for a PSC/FSC inspection in Australia.

A CIC inspection would not normally be carried out on a ship that has been the subject of a CIC inspection by another member of either the Paris or Tokyo MOUs. The CIC will be based on the Tokyo MOU checklist which is available for download from the Tokyo
MOU website.

It is recommended that ships’ agents inform the local AMSA office whether the ship on behalf of which they act, has been subjected to the CIC in another member country of either Paris or Tokyo MOU region.

Information provided should include the name and IMO number of the ship and the date and place of CIC inspection if previously carried out. This information will assist AMSA to determine whether or not the ship will be subject to a CIC inspection when it arrives in an Australian port.
Contact details for local AMSA offices are available on AMSA’s website:

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