Nov 082011

An improptu merry-ground without a secure pin

If you don’t want your FROG personal transfer equipment to turn into a dizzying, and hazardous, merry-go-round check the roll pin is in place says Marine Safety Forum.

After a recent personnel transfer to the FPSO using the FROG, it was discovered that the roll pin
which prevents the seating arrangement from rotating around the center shaft of the FROG was
not in position. With the pin missing the seating arrangement is able to rotate 360 degrees around the center shaft.

The roll pin was found on the support plate directly behind the seats of the FROG. It is important to note that the roll pin arrangement is only present on older models of the FROG and has since been replaced with an alignment bolt and nylon bushings.

FROGS should be inspected to determine the arrangement that is present is intact.

The FROG’s pre-use visual inspection instructions from the FROG’s user manual do not highlight
the need to verify that this roll pin is actually in place. It is captured on the 6-month inspection
however FROG’s are used on a regular basis and therefore warrant an inspection of the roll pin
prior to each use. It is important to ensure that this pin does not become dislodged as this allows
for an increased seat movement during transfers.

Immediate Action
FROG removed from service and will be shipped back for repair by authorized service provider.
Users of the FROG are encouraged to ensure that the pre-use inspections of the FROG include a
visual inspection of the roll pin in the sleeve to ensure that it is place and secure.

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