Sep 052011

A Ride the Duck DUKW in Seattle, similar to the amphibious vessel which sank in the Delaware

Following its report into the collision between an amphibious vehicle and a barge the US National Transportation Board has issued a series of recommendations.

Ride The Ducks International, LLC and K-Sea Transportation Partners, L.P. have been told to review existing safety management program and develop improved means to ensure that company safety and emergency procedures are understood and adhered to by employees in safety-critical positions.

The US Coast Guard has been advised to develop and implement procedures for  special purpose craft – law enforcement that allow crewmembers to compensate for obstructions affecting forward visibility from the helm and the forward port positions and to examine its oversight of small boat operations to determine where local procedures are inadequate, implement procedures nationally and at each station (including Station San Diego) to provide continual, systematic, and thorough oversight information, and require action on information obtained to ensure that crewmembers are operating their vessels safely in all conditions and circumstances.

NTSB also want the USCG to require each small boat station, including Station San Diego, to establish specific operating procedures governing small boat speeds that account for prevailing conditions and circumstances affecting the safety of small boat operations and to Develop and implement procedures to ensure that coxswains follow established automatic identification system transmission policies.

NTSB recommends the USCG: “Establish a structured data monitoring program for your small boats that reviews all available data sources to identify deviation from established guidance and procedures”.

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