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Explosion on ship rocks Sandefjord
The former whaling port of Sandefjord was rocked by a loud explosion on board a ship berthed at a chemical plant Tuesday afternoon. Police were asking people to stay indoors as

Fishing vessel burns, sinks in Savage Cove
A fishing vessel that caught fire just before 11 pm Wednesday and burned overnight, sank at the wharf in Savage Cove on the Northern Peninsula today, the RCMP says. Flowers Cove RCMP and the Flowers Cove Fire Department remain on the scene today.

Trawler sinks off the coast | Northern Rivers News | Local News in Northern Rivers
Witnesses from Yamba, Angourie and Brooms Head reported plumes of smoke billowing from the boat yesterday morning. After witnessing the fire and sinking yesterday from the safety of one of the family’s other trawlers, Steven Kerr said he was trying to
Panamanian cargo ship stranded off southern Taiwan
30 (CNA) A Panamanian cargo ship has been stranded near the mouth of the Tsengwen River in Tainan City in southern Taiwan, but all 20 people on board are safe, local authorities said Tuesday. The Tainan City Fire Department said it received reports

6 rescued from sinking fishing vessel off Catalina
AP The US Coast Guard says six people have been rescued from a sinking fishing boat near Santa Catalina island. A Coast Guard statement says they were

3 fishermen rescued after boat runs aground
All three were wearing survival suits and were uninjured. The rescue swimmer descended in a hoist and the men — one by one — were lifted in a basket. The cause of the grounding is under investigation. No fuel has been seen leaking from the ship.

Lifeboat takes ill passenger off cruise ship
By David Newble – Tuesday, August 30, 2011 A PASSENGER on board the cruise liner, Crown Princess, was taken off the vessel by Bembridge lifeboat on Sunday night after being taken ill on board. The lifeboat was launched at 11pm after the passenger fell .

BP’s Destin Gas Pipeline Declares Force Majeure
BP has declared a force majeure for their Destin natural gas pipeline after the discovery of fluid in high levels at a Mississippi compressor station, affecting all offshore production in the Gulf of Mexico.

Tropical ship grounded near Wreck of the Rhone
Tropic Sun’s itinerary included trips from St. Thomas to Tortola and from Tortola to St. Maarten, during which the collision occurred. By Monday, an investigation had not revealed why the ship ran aground, said Linton Leonard, information and education

MSQ monitors ship aground near Thursday IslandMaritime Safety
Information about the ‘Trinity Bay’ that ran aground in Thursday Island.

Bid to bar entry of 25-yr-old ships to Indian coasts
On Monday, shipping minister GK Vasan had told the Lok Sabha that most of the ships involved in accidents like the MSC Chitra-MV Khalijia collision were very old. He had said that over 25-year-old ships would be allowed only if they have been certified

Thurso lifeboat aids cargo ship in gale-force conditions
Thurso lifeboat ‘The Taylors’ comes to the aid of cargo vessel ‘Norholm’ in stormy conditions on Sunday. THURSO lifeboat crew was called out yesterday morning (Sunday) in gale-force conditions to go to the aid of a cargo vessel which had lost power to


Cameroon Boat Captain Released From Pirates

On Saturday off the coast of Nigeria, seven armed assailants had boarded the Cameroonian ship, Monica, carrying 150 people taking the captain of the vessel hostage.  It is now confirmed by the captain, Moukoko Lottin, that he was released by the pirates and returned back to Cameroon upon payment of a ransom.  Lottin along with other crew and passengers are all unharmed.


Workshop on maritime security opens
tracking of vessels of all sizes, and identification of anomalies played a significant role in several important areas, particularly in combating drug trafficking, illegal fishing operations, potential maritime terrorist threats and piracy.

Coast Guard Trains With Nigerian Navy
“I believe that they gained a lot from our training, and I feel comfortable knowing that if in the face of fire or flooding, the Nigerian ship Thunder will arrive to their home port safely and complete,” Thomas added. With their training mission

 Off The Radar

Owner devises plan to remove ship from perch atop dock after Irene
A January explosion aboard the ship caused about $80000 in damage and led to months of repairs. In May, Swanner’s restaurant in Washington, Blackbeard’s, burned down. He had no insurance for the restaurant, he said, partly because he was paying so much

Floating Richmond restaurant sinks in Irene
He said it was not immediately certain whether the craft, which had a former life as a house boat in Florida, had been swamped by water from Irene or if something had pierced the hull, sinking the vessel. Britt was renting the boat from developer Louis

Steve Hide has sinking of the Titanic tattooed across his back
“I used books and pictures of the ship sinking to build up my own picture of what I wanted and took it into the tattoo artist. “They probably thought I was a little mad and I think my family did too! “But I’ve always been interested in the history of

University offers Titanic course
with its Titanica exhibition about the famous ship. The centenary lecture course will focus on 1912 – a year of great historical significance for Belfast. As well as the sinking of the city’s most famous creation on its maiden voyage in April,

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