Aug 282011

From Marine Safety Forum:

During a routine buoy recovery at the weekend a crew member received a cut to his hand.

As this was a free floating fishing buoy, it had been decided to check the status of the buoy as it may have caused a hazard to the installation and the Diving Support Vessel working in the vicinity. Furthermore the vessel may have had divers underwater at the time.

The injured party tried to keep the Buoy alongside the vessel by catching hold of the aluminium flagpole. As the pole moved downwards with the swell, a sharp edge at the top of the Buoy caught his glove, pulled it off his hand and he received the injury to his hand.

A thorough investigation of the accident is currently on going. However, we would like to remind you all of the need for vigilance whilst carrying out this type of procedure.

Please ensure you always risk assess the job first, put any safety barriers in place, use the correct equipment and wear the appropriate PPE.

Further to the above, recently we have had two instances where vessels have instigated “Stop the Job”, after they had received requests from the platform to carry out certain activities.

On both occasions the Masters onboard felt the activities were unsafe and posed unnecessary risks to the vessel, the crew onboard and potentially the environment.

The above proactive decisions have proven to be correct and have been roundly supported.

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