Aug 292011

Rail gave way while retrieving MOB drill dummy

During a routine man overboard exercise, the boat crew of the daughter craft attempted to recover the dummy over the hand rail. As the boatman leaned against the hand rail to reach down, the rail gave way causing him to lose balance and fall into the water.

The boatman was quickly recovered and returned to the mother vessel for treatment.

The hand rail that gave way was a removable hand rail, designed to give better access for recovering casualties. If best practice had been followed, then this hand rail would have been removed on approach to casualty.


  • Follow company procedures and best practice
  • when recovering dummies out of the water. This includes removal of hand rails and use of Jason’s cradles where applicable.
  • All DC hand rails to be checked for damage to welds, security of fittings and any other defects. Any defects must be reported to the vessel Superintendent and FRC workshop. immediately.
  • The above checks to be included in the FRC / DC weekly checks.
  • Please discuss this Safety Alert immediately with your boat crews & at your next safety
  • meeting.

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