Aug 012011

MV Phoenix grounded or is it?

Terry Hutson’s Ports and Ships reports on the curious case of the bulk carrier Phoenix, currently grounded on  Sheffield Beach near Durban. Or is it Akuada, or Everenye, or Concel Pride? And who is the ghostly presence taking medicines  from a first aid kit left onboard the supposedly empty vessel?

SAMSA is quoted as saying: “The following facts are now in our possession: The Smit Amandla fired eight rocket lines to the Phoenix while attempting to reconnect, Six of these lines have been found on board the Phoenix.

“Two messenger lines were then put on board the Phoenix in order to allow them to pull the towing gear on board. The Phoenix reported that on both occasions the messenger rope “slipped off” the drum end of the winch. Various maritime experts have been consulted and none of them can recall this happening in previous operations…”

MAC notes the support of the local community in operations to remove potentially-polluting oil from the stricken vessel. According to Terry, SAMSA says: ” “SAMSA and the salvage team would especially want to salute Mr & Mrs Don and Carolyn Spier, the vessel is beached directly opposite her house. She has opened her house to the salvage team and her lounge is the operations centre, they are also being offered food and coffee continuously. The fuel lines run through her garden into her house and then to the road tankers. This unselfish gesture is making a difficult operation much easier and we are extremely grateful for her support”.

Hats off to you, Mr and Mrs Spier.


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