Jul 192011

Marine Safety Forum has issued an alert regarding faulty  2kg and 5kg aluminium CO2 fire extinguishers manufactured between 2006 and April 2011.

TOTAL, a manufacturer of portable CO2 fire extinguishers has contacted Lloyds Register to advise that faulty extinguishers have been identified in service. In a small number of cases the valve has failed and released unexpectedly. This has the potential to cause serious injury as the valves may be ejected at high speed. We have been further advised that, although these extinguishers were primarily used on land, a number have been supplied to the marine industry.

The affected extinguishers are 2kg and 5kg CO2 aluminium cylinders and were manufactured between 2006 and April 2011. The screw thread on the valve cannot be seen.

The following brands are affected:
• TOTAL – Classic K2A, Classic K5
• l-lansa
• l-loenig
• Neuruppin
• Optimal
• NWI:
• Stoll-Luxemburg
• Wallmann

Due to the possibility of the valves failing and causing injury, the affected extinguishers must not be touched or moved. Owners and operators must identify any possibly affected extinguishers on board their vessels and contact the manufacturer for advice immediately.

TOTAL has provided a product notice, to help clients identify affected equipment.

Download alert and identification data

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