Jul 072011

Fatigue in the maritime industry often seems like the weather: everybody talks about it but nobody does much about it. The results are groundings, collisions and a variety of other incidents leading to deaths and injuries of seafarers. A video, Fatigue At Sea, from the Cradiss Seafarers International Research Centre highlights the issues very well.

A small scale survey among fishermen shows that 16 per cent has experiences a fatigue-related incident or accident and 44 per cent had worked to the point of exhaustion or collapse. The figures may be different for the merchant shipping industry but, as incidents like the Jambo, Antari and Sen Neng show, fatigue remains a significant factor.

The reasons for fatigue vary, from the seafarer’s ‘get the job done’ culture, lack of effective regulation, physical and mental work demands and shipowners who close a blind eye to the problem.

You can watch Fatigue At Sea here:


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