Jul 252011


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News Headlines

12 injured in cargo vessel fire in SE China
FUZHOU – Twelve people including four fire fighters were injured, after an explosion on a 5000-tonne cargo vessel caused fire Monday night at a shipyard at Pingtan island, Southeast China’s Fujian province. The injured have been sent to hospital,

Lifeboat dash rescues cruise casualty
Donaghadee lifeboat met the liner and volunteer Dr Robert Neill went on board to meet the casualty. The elderly man was given first aid and taken onboard the lifeboat before being taken to the Ulster Hospital by ambulance.

Fishing boat rescued after running into trouble
3News NZ
The vessel, Janas, blew a head gasket, sparking the fire and causing the steering to seize. The Navy’s ice-breaker Aurora Australis has spent the last few hours trying to tow the 45-metre vessel away from an approaching storm.

15 mariners found marooned on Pacific island

The 28-foot skiff with 15 passengers, missing since Monday evening, has been located on the beach of an uninhabited island in the Federated States of Micronesia, Friday.

Watchstanders at Sector Guam received a report Friday afternoon that a vessel matching the description of the missing white 28-foot skiff with 15 passengers was found. A vessel leaving Ruo Island, the intended destination of the missing skiff and also in FSM, saw the vessel marooned and overturned. According to the report several people were also on shore.

In Cape Town a South Easterly gale closed the port on Friday evening and only relaxed its grip on the city and port during Sunday night, leaving the port with another set of catch-up as ships were forced to anchor in Table Bay.

In a statement condemning the practice, Dr. Denzil Douglas said that it has become intolerable to the governments and people of the Caribbean, as it compromises its rich but fragile ecosystem, and puts at risk “the very existence of the People of the Caribbean of the Region”

The call to halt the transit of the waste through the Caribbean Sea has come in the wake of a new shipment of Vitrified High Level Waste that will leave the United Kingdom, this week, for Japan through the Caribbean.


Rocket attack on Ethiopian ship

An Ethiopian ship, the ANDINET (15,000-dwt) has come under attack by Somali pirates in the Gulf of Aden while sailing through the Internationally Recommended Transit Corridor (IRTC).

US ‘friendly’ forces killed Taiwanese captain
The Taiwanese captain of a long-line fishing vessel JIH CHUN TSAI 68 was killed by fire from a US Navy frigate, the USS STEPHEN W GROVES, it has now been learned.

Piracy threat growing in Southern Africa: minister
“Our assessment is that Southern African waters are increasingly becoming an attractive alternative to Somali pirates as they try to avoid the clamp-down of various maritime task forces around the Horn of Africa and the Gulf of Aden – purely by

Off The Radar

Dunbar lifeboat rescues two of its own crew on the same day
An RNLI lifeboat rescued two of its own crew in separate incidents on the same morning. The Dunbar RNLI inshore lifeboat, the Jimmy Miff, had been asked by coastguards to go to the aid of crewman Kevin Keillor, a fisherman who had become caught in

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