Jul 202011

SafeSpace member Kevin Cribbin sent this shocking video. We have no reliable information regarding the circumstances. What lessons can be learned from it?

  One Response to “Confined Space Welding Incident Video”

  1. This video clip makes a decent introduction for a chat on hot work safety, and will get the respectful and undivided attention of any welder. Especially when you point out the guy involved may have lost his head in the incident. Leave it right there, and it’s a horrific but potentially valuable training tool.

    As for the circumstances, there are no identity clues, and a marine vessel is probably not involved. Comments on this video seem to indicate it’s likely an oscillating crusher at some type of quarry. Loaders and clam buckets have teeth the size of a boot which occasionally break off and can jam the crusher. That jam is under tremendous pressure. The hot work is likely not a welder. It looks like an oxygen lance being used to gouge out that obstruction. You can see the guy turn off his oxygen line as he finishes. That’s likely not an explosion, but a release of mechanical energy as the obstruction, or wedge, gets spit out with the newly reduced pressure. Significant incident either way.

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