May 272011

The right side of the victim's body

His face cannot be shown, in order to protect his identity. It took the brunt of a vicious, sustained attack by thugs in a house in Aberdeen and will need corrective surgery.

The incident, which could have cost this seafarer his life, is so serious that Marine Safety Forum has issued an alert to seafarers going ashore. While it happened in Aberdeen, it could happen to seafarers in almost any port city in the world.

Do not go ashore alone is a wrrthwhile lesson to learn.

Says Marine Safety Forum: “In the early hours of Wednesday, 18th May 2011, a sustained vicious attack occurred to a seafarer in Aberdeen.
The incident is still under investigation by Grampian Police. Two people have been arrested and are remanded in custody facing abduction, assault and robbery charges.

“The crew member had undergone a prolonged beating and kicking over a period of time at
the assailant’s address and was lucky that a concerned neighbour alerted the Police, who
intervened and called for emergency medical assistance.

“This incident could have cost the crew member his life. The photographs of the victims face have been left out to protect his identity. His face took the brunt of the beating and will require corrective surgery in the future.

“Could this incident have been avoided?

  • Adhere to your Company Drug & Alcohol policy.
  • If possible go ashore in pairs, especially in the evenings.
  • Stay well clear of undesirable areas.
  • If you do get separated, ensure you contact someone from your group to let them know where you are.
  • Avoid walking on your own through undesirable areas, catch a taxi if possible.
  • Remember, propositions by ’friends’ just met during an evening may lead to similar incidents.


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