Apr 082011

Egholm II - Water down the hatch

Untight hatches led to the foundering of the ferry Egholm II while under tow to a yard for rebuilding. Water swept over the foredeck and made ingress into the engine room.

Says the newly-released Danish Maritime Authority report: “EGHOLM II is a ferry with a tonnage of 99.5 BT. The ship is (sic)built in 1963.
“On October 15th 2010 the tug STORESUND departed Svendborg with EGHOLMM II on tow. The ferry was unmanned. Permission for an unmanned towing operation from Svendborg to Hirtshals was given by the Danish Maritime Authority. In Hirtshals the ferry was to be rebuilt in order to serve the crossing between Aalborg and the island of Egholm.

“Due to a bad weather forecast the towing was interrupted and the vessels went to Fredericia where they stayed the night over. The next day at 2000 they departed for Hirtshals.

“The towing took place in fair weather. It was calm and there were no waves. At 0100 it was observed that EGHOLM II had a small list to starboard. The towing speed was initially reduced and subsequently brought to zero.

“It was evident, that there was ingress of water and at 0215 the list to starboard had increased to 30°. At 0221 on 17 October 2010 EGHOLM II foundered some 8 nm SE of Aarhus.
It is the opinion of the Division for Investigation of Maritime Accidents that the causes to (sic) the foundering were:

  • The hatched (sic) on the deck had not been battened down at departure from Svendborg and made waterproof by use of packing and foam.
  • EGHOLM II took water over the foredeck when it was towed. Water was observed flowing over the forepart of the ferry and onto the foredeck at a speed exceeding 5 knots.
  • Due to untight hatches on the main deck and complete corrosion in hatch coamings leading to the engine room water found its way into the engine room.
  • The water spread in all the length and breadth below deck reducing the stability and increasing the draft to an extent causing EGHOLM II to founder.

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