Apr 162011

Eric-Christophe Berger of Total has contributed an in-house investigation into a confined space incident that cost the life of a
bosun and left an AB and Chief Officer hospitalised, victims of an attempt to rescue the wrong way. Fortunately the second officer had the presence of mind to take the correct action. An element was H2S possibly due to degradation of sunflower oil left over from a recent cargo, a pointer to beware of oganic materials in a space. Also oxygen levels were ‘adequate’ but the atmosphere was toxic. A report full of important lessons.

Contractors are not often mentioned in confined space training or advisories. Never assume third party contractors are safety savvy. We’ve added the Auk Arrow confined space explosion, the Bro Arthur fatality incident involving contractors under the influence of drugs and alcohol.
The Case of the Benzene Bomber and The Case of the Forgotten Assassin are also relevant.

We’ve added The Case of the One-Way Assassin, a death in a scavenging air unit, as well as an incident of note in which scaffolding collapsed in a confined space.

If you know of confined space incidents or have reports about them that are not in our list please email us.

Membership of the SafeSpace Project is free – all we ask is for you to make a commitment to do something to help tackle the problem. Simply email safespace@maritimeaccident.org.

Those who have agreed to review the draft of the confined space book
will be receiving copies shortly.

Bob Couttie
Co-Ordinator, The SafeSpace Project

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